What is a VPN[Virtual Private Network]? How does it work?

Do you want to download something off the internet, but the torrent site is blocked? Do you want to watch a show on Netflix or Amazon Prime, but it is not available in your area? Do you want to access all these things? Read on and find answers to your questions here.

Here, you will learn about VPN, working, uses, and pros and cons. We will also list out some of the best VPNs available in the market.

What is a VPN[Virtual Private Network]

The internet is one of the most important discoveries of the modern world; the internet contains everything you want and need. It is a huge step in bringing the world together.

In the right hands, it is a source of vast and never-ending knowledge. But as it turns out, with more things available to people, a need arose to put some regulations on the internet.

There were laws set up to protect the citizens of the internet and prevent piracy. The countries came up with their own set of rules to regulate the internet.

As a result, some specific websites were blocked only in some countries. So if one website is blocked in one country, it might be working in any other country. It posed a problem for the people who wanted to use the internet freely. Then, VPNs came to help them.

Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is not a new term for netizens. They regularly use VPN for various functions like unblocking torrent websites, watching online content, etc.

Not only this, but VPN also is helpful for business people who have to stay in contact with their office even if they are working from a different location.

VPNs are nifty tools when you want to surpass the geo-restrictions and use the internet for fun or business-related work. Also, it protects your anonymity and data from theft to keep you safe on the internet.

Now, a question arises how a VPN does all this? How does a VPN work? Let us try to understand the intricate working of VPN in simple terms.

How do VPNs work?

Every device has an IP address. That IP address becomes your virtual address when you are online. Your IP address is traceable to find you and your device.

What a VPN does, is changes your IP address virtually. It shows your location in a different country. It allows you to access the internet of that country.

When you turn on the VPN and use the internet, VPN becomes the mediator of your data. So all of your data passes through a VPN. The VPN assigns you an IP address from any country of your choice.

So, it seems that you are sitting in that country and using their internet. Since the VPN is your source now, geo-restrictions are gone.

The data you are supposed to receive also passes through this VPN. During this passage, all of the data turns into gibberish.

So even if anyone tries to intercept and steal your data, all they will receive is meaningless strings of letters and characters.

So VPN shoots two birds using a single stone – passes geo-restrictions and protects your data and anonymity. For these features, VPNs are famous among the people who want to protect their internet freedom and safely use the internet.

Pros and cons of VPN

Just like other things, there are pros and cons of VPN as well. Let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using a VPN-


  • Protects your data online
  • Allows you access to blocked websites in your region
  • It lets you watch region-restricted content on various streaming platforms
  • Keeps your online activity hidden from your internet service provider
  • Maintains your anonymity online


  • Ruled illegal in many countries
  • Insufficient knowledge of encryption
  • Unstable connections

As its pros heavily outweigh its cons, VPN apps stay the favourite of netizens to make sure of their online safety and data protection.

Uses of VPN

From entertainment to business, VPN has several uses that make it a helpful app. Here are some of the widespread applications for VPNs in both the private and business sector.


Online multiplayer games are on the rise. What started just as a hobby; has become a career path for many people. People spend hours playing games and making their names.

They love to games with other better players to improve their game. But geo-restrictions sometimes do not allow them to join in regional rooms of any other country. It is when using a VPN app helps them.

Using the VPN, they can pass these restrictions and play games on foreign servers with minimum lag. It allows gamers to improve on their game and make their name in the gaming community.


It means a huge network of people, where they can download files from each other’s devices. Sometimes, the files people want to share can get large.

That makes it difficult to share it, especially if it is to be shared across the world. It is where torrenting comes in. It allows users to share files via the internet worldwide.

The speed is dependent on how many people are sharing that same file. Torrenting is also used to download movies, software, TV shows, games, etc.

Now, some countries have blocked torrenting websites. Users take the help of a VPN in this situation. They use VPN to cross the geological boundaries and use torrenting websites from a country where they work.

Unblocking Geo-Restricted Content

Everyone loves to watch content on streaming platforms. Since the pandemic, online streaming of shows has become popular among every age group of people.

They spend their working, and at night it is streaming time. They love to watch movies and shows in their homes. These streaming websites, and apps, generate revenue, and people get their entertainment.

But here comes a problem. Every country has its media laws, which online streaming platforms have to follow. As a result, some content gets blocked in some countries.

It may include some popular and critically acclaimed shows. To stream these contents, people turn to VPN. VPN allows them to watch content that is available only in some specific countries.

By changing their IP, they change a device’s location. Thus, it finds a way around the geo-block in some countries.


Working never stops for some people. Even if they are away from the office, they need to stay connected with their office; sometimes, they even have to work remotely.

Large companies work on their private network. They have their network set up in their offices around the world, and they have to keep these offices interconnected.

VPN helps companies to set up this web. One main router acts as a VPN client, and other routers in other offices become the repeater. Employees have to log into this private connection to get connected to the company’s network.

VPN can also link multiple companies to a single network by configuring their routers. Also, employees can get login credentials from the IT department to continue working from home while staying on the company’s private network. It keeps the company’s data secure and prevents any breach from hackers.

How to use VPN?

Language and working of a VPN may sound very technical, but using it is contrastingly easy. All it takes is a few taps on your device to make your device secure. Here is how you can set up a VPN service in your device easily-

  1. Buy a subscription to your preferred VPN service. We prefer NordVPN because of its amazing features.
  2. Install its app on your mobile, tab or your computer.
  3. Run it and choose the country of your choice.
  4. If you don’t have any preference, directly run it.

That is how you can run a VPN on your device.

Best VPNs for Torrenting, Streaming, Gamers and Netflix

Now we know how to use a VPN. Let us talk about the VPNs available in the market. If you open the app store of your mobile; or look on the internet, you will find hundreds of different VPN software and apps. Some might even be free.

As much tempting as they may sound, it is never a good option to use a completely free VPN on your device. VPN is used majorly for security. Free VPNs take that security away from you. They may log your data or sell it to make a profit.

As VPNs are the filter, all the data has to pass through them. These free VPN may steal your data or do not provide sufficient security.

In any case, you are at risk. A paid VPN, on the other hand, respects the trust you put in it. It encrypts your data before every transfer and makes sure that there is no leak in their servers.

It also does not reduce your speed and gives you a lag-free experience. It may cost you a bit more, but the price you pay is less compared to your safety. That said, here is a list of the best VPNs for you:


Ask an expert for the best VPN, and they will undoubtedly refer you to ExpressVPN. Unanimously voted the best VPN, ExpressVPN’s list of merits is a long one.

On the screen, you will find only a single button. It instantly turns the VPN on or off. The best part about this VPN is speed. No matter which server you connect to or what you are watching, you will always receive the optimum speed.

With high speed and user experience comes security. Industry-standard specs like kill switch, no DNS leak, robust encryption, P2P servers make ExpressVPN best for every occasion.

If you face any problem, there is a lightning-fast customer support system to solve any issue you may get. With all these features, it is a difficult task to shake ExpressVPN from the first place. It might be a little expensive for some, with subscription costs starting at $6.67/month for a two-year plan.

Surshark VPN

What if someone said you get features of the best VPN for a lesser cost? Surfshark does that. Even though it is new in the market, Surfshark VPN did not take long to raise the bar.

Will all the features of older and more popular VPN services. An easy-to-use interface, kill switch, and excellent P2P service, make it the best fit for torrenting and streaming.

Surfshark has servers from over 60 countries and plenty of servers to keep providing high speed even at peak hours. It also has high compatibility ranging across devices and unlimited connections from a single account, lacking in most other VPNs.

When it comes to security, it follows the same industry standard specs. Its cost starts as low as $2.5/month for two years.


Ask any gamer about VPN, and they will always suggest NordVPN, and they are not wrong in doing it. With 5,300+ servers from 80+ locations, this VPN fits all the needs of any gamer.

Its unique feature, the NordLynx protocol, makes connections faster and more trustworthy. Other than industry-standard features, it also features a double VPN, which passes your data through two VPN filters to make you even safer online.

Also, a strict no-log policy keeps no track of any of your sessions to keep you truly anonymous and secure online.

A 24/7 expert customer support is always present to help you with any small or big problem you may face. Even after all these features, NordVPN costs just $3.71/month for a two-year plan.

Hotspot Shield

If it is the speed you prefer over servers, Hotspot Shield is just the VPN for you. With its CatapultHydra protocol, Hotspot Shield can give the highest speed on any server.

Other security features are at par with other famous VPN services available in the market, including around-the-clock customer service.

It supports many devices with five simultaneous connections, which make TV watching flexible and enjoyable.

When it comes to price, it one of the more reasonably priced VPN with the highest speed; its subscription cost starts at $2.99/month for a three-year plan.


A real-time graph of speed makes it one of the more beautifully designed VPN service providers. IPVanish’s android app provides more functions than any other VPN in the market.

One of the best selling points of IPVanish is its availability of simultaneous connections. Not many VPNs provide unlimited connections.

It is one feature that makes IPVanish a favorite of people with many devices or those who need a single app for the whole family. Its price starts at $2.63/month for a year-long plan.


After careful consideration and testing, it is safe to say that ExpressVPN is still the best VPN app in the market, with NordVPN being a close second.

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