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We started TheSoftPot with the goal of giving people unbiased reviews and instructions on VPNs, hosting services, streaming platforms, and ways to get around restrictions on websites and tv shows. It's crucial to protect their privacy from hackers and online attacks. Since many companies and governments monitor your internet activity.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

With the use of our trustworthy and beneficial guidelines, we hope to give customers secure access to the internet based on user feedback and the opinions of our experts.

We help them to access the restricted websites and channels by offering honest reviews of VPNs and streaming services.

Our Team

Meet the specialists who are dedicated to assisting you with your streaming and internet security-related problems.

Expert - TheSoftPot
Anil Sharma

CEO(Internet Security Expert)

Expert - TheSoftPot
Sakshi Malhan

Managing Editor

Expert - TheSoftPot
Hemat Sharma


Our Values - TheSoftPot

Our Values

At TheSoftPot, everything is done with honesty and attention. We evaluate VPNs based on user feedback and test results. We promise to give you the truthful information.

We make money through affiliate commissions. If a user purchases goods or services using one of our affiliate links, we might get paid a commission. The cost of the good or service won't change as a result.