How to Watch Aha TV Outside India [4 Simple Steps]?

Watch Aha TV Outside India
Watch movies and TV series online on aha from anywhere

Do you like streaming Indian movies and TV shows? Are you looking for a platform for streaming unlimited entertainment content? Aha TV is the perfect streaming platform for you.

The service gives all the entertainment content you would want to stream. What’s important for you to know is that the service only works inside India as it is an Indian streaming service with geographical limitations outside.

If you want to watch Aha TV from other countries then you will require a VPN service to first bypass the geographical restrictions this service is subject to. Because then only you will be able to get access to it from outside the boundaries of India.

Using a VPN on your streaming device will make it possible for you to get access to the Aha site from wherever you are physically located without any kind of hindrance.

Choose a good and strong VPN to have a safe and amazing experience while streaming on this service. Our suggestion to you is to make use of ExpressVPN.

Quick Guide: How to Watch Aha TV Outside India?

  1. Subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN which lets you watch Aha TV outside India.
  2. Download and install the VPN app for your device.
  3. Connect to a VPN server in India which will provide you an Indian IP address.
  4. Login to Aha TV and enjoy it outside India without any interruption.

Why is Aha TV not available outside India?

Aha protects itself against any copyright and license infringement by limiting access to its content for users outside of India. So, only those users who are physically located in India are allowed to avail the services of this platform.

An error which reads as the following will appear on your screen while attempting to stream videos on Aha TV from outside of India:

“Access refused! You are not authorized to play the chosen material”

In order to ascertain whether you are visiting from outside of India, Aha TV checks up your IP address. If it does, Aha TV access is prohibited for you.

The streaming service is restricted to Indian residents only due to geographic limitations. If you travel anywhere outside of the nation, your IP address will be monitored, and you will lose access to the Aha TV television shows and films. Because of these obstacles, you are unable to view Aha TV outside of India.

How can I watch Aha TV from outside India?

Using a reliable VPN is the greatest approach to have simple access to Aha TV from any location in the world. You will be able to access Aha and have total security on your connection if you use a reliable VPN.

With the use of a VPN, you may appear to be anywhere in India or any other area where Aha is operational by spoofing your real IP address and assigning you a new one. Using the servers it connects to, a VPN changes your IP address according to the location the server is situated in.

Since your true identity is encrypted when you use a VPN, you are protected from legal issues and cyberattacks. However, bear in mind that this is only possible if you use a high-quality VPN, not just any VPN. Experts always recommend ExpressVPN because of this.

Detailed steps: Use a VPN to watch Aha TV from outside India

It is quite easy to use a VPN for the purpose of accessing Aha TV if you know the right steps for doing so. The process is not at all complicated, you just have to follow some very simple steps. The steps are given below.

Step 1: To bypass Aha TV’s geo-restrictions, you have to begin with looking for a good VPN option and signing up for it. We strongly recommend ExpressVPN for guaranteed results and safe connection.

Subscribe ExpressVPN

Step 2: Download and install the VPN app on your device. (You can download it directly from official website of ExpressVPN if you decide to use ExpressVPN). Select the membership plan that suits you best and finish the process by making payment for it.

Step 3: On the VPN app, connect to a server in India via the VPN app by logging in. When you connect to an Indian server, you will immediately get an Indian IP address to access Aha TV outside India.

Connect India ExpressVPN
Connect India ExpressVPN

Step 4: Go to the official website of Aha TV website or launch the Aha TV app after downloading and installing it from the app store of your device.

Step 5: Log in to your Aha TV account OR if you are new to Aha TV, sign up on the streaming service by selecting a subscription plan that suits you best. Then log in to your newly created Aha TV account.

Step 6: Search for your favorite TV shows and movies on the Aha TV platform. You may now start viewing movies and TV shows from anywhere around the world.

Aha TV Subscription

Aha TV can be customized in accordance with the needs and the budgets of the audience. It offers several plans from which you can pick the one that suits you best. Here are the details of the plans offered on Aha TV:

Name of Aha TV SubscriptionPriceDuration
Telugu Quarterly PlanRs.149/- Three Months
Telugu Annual PlanINR 299/- One year
AHA Gold (Tamil & Telugu 4K)Rs.699/- One year
Tamil Quarterly PlanINR 149/-Three months
Tamil Annual PlanRs.365/-One year

Content to watch on Aha TV

There is an excellent collection of movies and TV shows on Aha TV. Here we are listing some of the most popular watched movies and TV shows for you to get an idea how good the content collection is.

Some of the most popularly watched movies on Aha TV are:

  • Kaithi
  • Kadaisi Nodigal
  • Krack
  • Anjaam Pathiraa
  • Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal
  • Zombie Reddy
  • Trance 2020
  • Love Story (2021 film)
  • Athiran
  • Jallikattu

Some of the most popularly watched TV shows on Aha TV are:

  • Locked
  • Kotha Poradu
  • Masti’s
  • The Baker and the Beauty (Indian TV series)
  • Geetha Subramanyam
  • Addham
  • CommitMental
  • In the Name of God (TV series)
  • Sam Jam
  • Tamasha with Harsha

Still facing a problem? Here are some quick fixes.

Here are some easy things you can try doing if you still face issues watching Aha outside India even after using a VPN as guided in the previous section.

  • Get rid of your browser’s cookies.
  • Switch to another Indian server.
  • Uninstall and install your VPN service again
  • Try connecting to another internet connection
  • Give another VPN a try.

However, it is advised that before you decide on switching your VPN service, get in touch with your VPN support staff, they might be helpful in fixing the problem you are facing. Good VPNs have a 24/7 customer help service and thus you can contact them anytime you need to.


FAQ 1: Is Joining Aha Worth It?

Aha is putting in a lot of effort in order to compete with other over-the-top streaming providers like Netflix and Amazon. If good Telugu and Tamil content really interests you, you can have a trial a one-month subscription.

Being an Aha member has several benefits. If you have a few assistive devices, it will be an amazing experience for you and your family.

FAQ 2: How Many People Can Use A Single Subscription To Aha?

You can use a maximum of five devices and 2 streams at once with a single Aha subscription, depending on your package.

FAQ 3: Why Am I Not Able to Watch Aha TV in My Nation?

Aha is a regionally limited service because of copyright and licensing agreements. Thus, Aha content can only be accessed in India. However, Aha is available from wherever if you use a good VPN service on the device through which you want to stream on Aha platform.

FAQ 4: Does Aha function well with a VPN service employed on my device?

Absolutely. Aha streaming won’t be hampered by a VPN service. All of the recognized problems related to the Aha service such as geographical restrictions can instead be avoided with a VPN, with the exception of subscription fees.


Aha streaming service is becoming more popular with time among streaming fans because of its great content collection and features which makes it a good platform to use. The service is Indian and has geographical limitations outside of India which is why it does not function in other countries.

The ideal way to bypass these geographical restrictions is by using a VPN on your device. This will let you get access to Aha from anywhere and thus you will be able to stream on it from anywhere around the world.

Our top recommendation out of all good VPNs in the market at present is ExpressVPN because of its high-quality services.

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