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What makes Amazon Prime a Popular Streaming Platform?

Amazon Prime is undoubtedly one of the largest video-on-demand platforms that exist today. The viewership of its content and the number of subscribers have been substantially increasing since its launch.

Watch Amazon Prime Video
Watch Amazon Prime Video

Recent research carried out by the DataProt revealed that the total number of paid subscribers could increase four-fold if the VOD platform is made accessible across all the places and countries of the world.

How can we watch Amazon Prime from anywhere?

It is a known fact that Amazon Prime is not currently accessible across all the countries. Amazon Prime is known for blocking proxy traffic. There are several doubts about safety over the use of public internet.

The cases of security breaches and privacy attacks are increasing with every passing day. The best, tested and efficient alternative to overcome these challenges is to use a VPN.

Amazon Prime offers exciting and intriguing content to keep its viewers hooked to their screens and make sure that its loyal viewers are not disappointed.

As a result, many people are using VPN to access Amazon Prime. Many people are switching towards the VPN as it is considered the easiest and fastest available alternatives. It is also a tried and test method, thus eliminating the thin line of the doubt of reliability amongst the users.

Quick Guide: Watch Amazon Prime Videos From Anywhere Across the World

  1. Download and Install a VPN. I advise NordVPN since it easily unblocks Amazon Prime Videos and allows you to watch it without latency with its 30-day money-back guarantee.
  2. Link to a server in the Countries like (United Kingdom, United States, India or Canada).
  3. Log in to Amazon Prime Video and begin watching now!

It is also unambiguously estimated by DataProt that nearly 76 percent of the Amazon Prime users are consuming the content through the use of VPNs.

The statistical institute claimed that five out of every ten users outside of the United States are streaming American shows by using the Amazon Prime VPN. It is also crucial to identify the best of all the available alternatives that could benefit a user.

In this article, we will first discuss the concept and functioning of a VPN and then discuss the suitable ways to watch Amazon Prime from anywhere, followed by a careful scrutinization and evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of preferring the VPN over the other alternatives.

What is a VPN?

It is an abbreviation for the expression ‘Virtual Private Network’. It establishes a secure internet connection between the host network and another network.

With the help of a VPN, we can stream Amazon Prime without getting tracked by the Ip address and the web traffic. VPN has many other advantages, such as securing the internet connection and protecting privacy.

Many VPNs offer these facilities to the user by charging reasonable prices on a monthly or yearly basis. With more advantages outweighing the disadvantages, people prefer VPNs to access Amazon Prime and other such region-restricted websites to watch their favorite content across any location of the planet.

Why do we need a VPN for torrenting?

The process of torrenting involves a person-to-person sharing or downloading of the information. Hence, it is essential to maintain anonymity throughout the process and ensure that the personal details are under wraps.

In other words, it is better to hide the activity during the process of torrenting. We can easily do it with the help of a VPN. It is because VPN encrypts the personal data of the user.

It also hides the IP address of the system. As a result, the attacker cannot predict the actual location of the user. The attacker will not be able to get the personal details of the user.

Sometimes, the user may unintentionally download the licensed content. In such cases, if he uses VPN, then he need not have to worry about the legal consequences, as nobody can identify the actual location and IP address of the user.

It is a known fact that torrenting is banned and considered illegal in a few countries like China. Users belonging to these regions may use VPN to download, transfer and upload the files. In this way, a VPN safeguards the privacy of a user and also unblocks the torrenting sites.

There are a few tried and tested VPNs that are considered ideal for torrenting. These VPNs provide high security so that the user need not have to worry about security threats. We will discuss the VPNs in the later sections of the article,

Why is it necessary to encrypt the online data?

At times, the internet service providers may track the IP address. In that case, the user will be a victim of cyberattacks.

Hence, we should encrypt the online data first before accessing any websites or information. VPNs work on the principle of data encryption, thus reducing the efforts and fear of the user.

What is the role of a VPN is protecting the device?

The VPN encrypts the user’s data and protects the user from phishing attacks. After the user enters the information, it encrypts the input data and makes the data anonymous. It will eliminate the possibility of cyber-attacks and software piracy as the attacker couldn’t fetch the data.

In this way, the VPN protects the users from hackers, firewalls, or any government agencies. Hence, VPN is one of the most trusted ones available today. The personal data of the users remain protected even if several users connect to this product.

What is the use of integrating VPN with Amazon Prime?

To make the streaming faster, secure, and most efficient, many tend to combine Amazon Prime with a VPN. The combination of Amazon and VPN has proved to be ideal and has delivered the most efficient results.

Apart from the efficient content and unblocking of sites, VPNs can also play a key role in eradicating swagging, throttling, banning, and providing safety. Consequently, many are switching towards the unique idea of using a VPN to access Amazon Prime.

What are the best VPN for Amazon Prime In 2021?

Several VPNs are available in the market today. It is technically challenging for the user to choose the right one. Almost all VPNs provide features that can protect and safeguard the network and the device of the user.

Before we decide on the ideal VPNs for Amazon Prime, it is essential to identify the advantages and the limitations of the particular VPN.


Cyberghost VPN Review
Cyberghost VPN Review
  • It is beneficial to those who are a novice to the concept of torrenting and using the VPNs.
  • The interface is user-friendly and free to use.
  • It is not only used for sharing files but also for browsing and streaming content.

Out of 6000 servers, there are only 80 person-to-person sharing servers associated with cyber ghost VPN. Hence, it would be easier for the users to decide depending on the requirement, bandwidth, and several users.


The VPN offers a price of $16.54 to its premium users. It also has an option of a 45-day money return policy if the customer is not satisfied with the product.


The VPN uses AES 256-bit encryption and many security protocols. The users can access the data without the fear of cyberattacks. The VPN also offers an advantage to switching between the proxies.

The VPN has the feature of a kill switch that protects the user if the connection is lost. The VPN also has a DNS and IPV6 protection that protects the users by making their identity anonymous.


The download and upload speeds are 53.76 and 10.98, which are relatively lower than the other VPNs. It is the main disadvantage of this VPN. However, this speed is optimal to transfer the data efficiently.


NordVPN Review
NordVPN Review
  • The router setup is entirely manual and easy.
  • The VPN provides great streaming power to access Amazon Prime.
  • We can connect up to 6 devices at a time using NordVPN.
  • 5350+ NordVPN servers in 59 countries worldwide

The VPN offers cheap and affordable premium plans to its users. The most basic offer starts at $11.95 per month, and the two-year package starts at $3.71 for the maiden users. It offers a 65% discount to its premium users.


The router setup ensures the privacy and efficient transfer of data. It provides high-level encryption and prevents data breaches.

It uses top-tier AES 256-bit encryption to protect the data from cybercriminals. If the VPN disconnects suddenly, then the Automated KillSwitch blocks our devices from accessing any website.


The user interface is smooth and easier to use for experts and amateurs alike. High speed and unlimited bandwidth are the features that make this VPN unique. The bandwidth is unlimited, and we can connect across 56 countries.


Express VPN Review
Express VPN Review
  • We can use it to connect up to 3000 person to person across different locations of the world.
  • This VPN transfers the files and information in the fastest way.
  • The speed is optimal, and there have been no reported cases of server issues to date.
  • It is also effective for downloading files in very little time.
  • It is impossible to detect the personal information of the user.

It is compatible with almost all platforms, such as Amazon Prime. However, the pricing is a little high compared to its competitors. It is the main disadvantage of ExpressVPN.


The prices are a little higher for the VPN. It offers a three-month subscription pack to its premium users. The pricing per month is $20.78, which is slightly higher compared to other VPNs. There is an option of a 30-day money return policy if the customer is dissatisfied with the product.


The VPN uses safe and secure encryption algorithms. It has a feature of an automatic kill switch. The feature helps to prevent any accidental leakage of data or personal information of the users.

The users need not have to worry even if there is a leakage of data. It also has a no-log policy to maintain anonymity on the activities of the user.

It also has a feature of live chat, where the users can address any technical issues. In case of loss of connection, the download will be paused and resumed only after the connection re-establishes.


The average download speed is 56 Mbps, and the average upload speed is 11.98 Mbps. This speed is optimal, and the user can send the data efficiently in less time. The users can simultaneously use the VPN on five devices at a time.

Final Verdict

The users can do the torrenting by choosing a quality VPN, depending on their requirements, money constraints, and location. Most of the experts recommend NordVPN as the best of all the available VPNs for torrenting.

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