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What is Shared Hosting | Top 10 Shared Hosting Providers

A shared web hosting programme is one in which several websites are hosted on a single web server that is linked to the Internet.

Since the overall cost of server maintenance is spread over many clients, this is typically the most cost-effective hosting option. When you choose shared hosting, your website will share a physical server on one or two other websites.

What is Shared Hosting | Top 10 Shared Hosting Providers

Since the service is shared by multiple users, it must require device administration; this is an advantage for users who do not want to struggle with it, but a barrier for power users who need more leverage.

In general, shared hosting is unsuitable for users who need extensive software creation that is not supported by the hosting service. 

Shared hosting packages usually provide general web analytics support, email and webmail services, auto script downloads, up-to-date PHP and MySQL, and basic after-sales tech assistance as part of a monthly subscription. It often employs a web-based control panel system.

The contractor is usually in charge of maintaining servers, updating system applications, security upgrades, professional assistance, and other facets of the infrastructure of shared hosting.

The Linux operating system and LAMP are used on the majority of servers. Some vendors have solutions based on Microsoft Windows or FreeBSD.

Shared web hosting can also be handled privately by splitting the cost of running a server in a colocation facility; this is referred to as cooperative hosting.

Top 10 Plans for Shared Hosting

A2 Hosting

Starting from $2.99

A2 Hosting, headquartered in Michigan, was founded in 2001 and is an independently owned and run WordPress hosting company. While there are no checked figures on the number of websites hosted on this network, one thing is certain: A2 hosting is building a reputation for itself in the hosting industry.

A2 has grown rapidly to be one of the most prominent shared hosting firms, thanks to its reputation for fast results.

The best plant to choose from the 3 offered, is the Swift plan. Its features are:

  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free site migration
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 5 databases
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Easy cPanel control
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Anytime money-back guarantee
  • Backup restore

If you’re searching for an affordably priced shared web host with excellent results, A2 Hosting is the way to go. And if you’ll have to pay a little more than the competition, A2’s specialized hosting options provide more value for your money.


Starts from $2.95

When it comes to features, Bluehost delivers the best shared hosting plans in the industry. This is one of the factors that their portal hosts over 2 million websites from all across the world.

In comparison to other hosting services, Bluehost’s policies have a broader range of features and services. Here’s a preview of what to anticipate.

The best plan from this provider is definitely the Plus Shared Hosting Plan. It has these features:

  • Unlimited domains, parked domains, and subdomains
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • 50 GB SSD storage
  • Unlimited websites

The host itself recommends Choice Plus Plan. I would recommend this plan to small business websites. It comes with the added benefit of domain privacy, site backups, and spam experts. 

If you’re searching for low-cost shared hosting plans, Bluehost is a great option. You will not only receive assured stability and access to professional technical support staff, but you will also get good load speeds and decent uptimes—all at very low rates on their plans.


Starts from $2.59

Dreamhost is one of the most inexpensive and effective hosting companies available.

The provider, which hosts over 1.5 million blogs and websites, is also one of the most reliable in the hosting industry. In reality, they are one of the three web hosting companies that WordPress has officially recognized as a hosting partner.

Consumers of Dreamhost’s Save Money Plan have two shared hosting choices: Shared Starter and Shared Unlimited.

The Shared Starter, which costs $2.59 a month (as the name implies), has enough features to get you going, and much more. I would suggest this plan to individuals just starting out and looking for a reliable hosting provider. Its features are: 

  • 1 Website
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain included
  • WordPress Pre-Installed
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • 3 year, 1 year, and even monthly hosting plans are available
  • Add email for $1.67 per email account

But apart from their low prices, one of the factors Dreamhost has attracted so many customers is because they offer a very comprehensive feature set for the low price point.

As can be seen, Dreamhost’s shared hosting plans include more than adequate features to operate a personal blog or a small company site.


Starts from $0.99

If you want the most affordable shared hosting package that still focuses on results, Hostinger’s $0.99/mo shared hosting plan is the perfect option. Hostinger and its subsidiaries, which were established in Lithuania in 2007, now host over 29 million websites globally.

Hostinger’s most affordable shared hosting plan, Single Shared Hosting, includes (plus more features):

  • 1 Website
  • Cloudflare
  • 1 Email Account
  • Bandwidth – 100 GB
  • LiteSpeed Cache10 GB storage
  • 2 subdomains
  • DNS managementNo backup1 MySQL database1 FTP account


Starts from $2.75

With a longer history than other rivals, the firm has been able to consistently support over 8 million customers. No, the fact that Hostgator is one of the oldest shared hosting firms is not the only reason people throng to them.

The firm has also managed to cram a slew of useful features into some appealingly low-cost plans. Hostgator has three shared hosting plans that aren’t just inexpensive but also come with a flexible 45-day money-back guarantee.

Another factor Hostgator has made it to the top of the shared hosting industry is that they have a slew of useful features with all of their plans. I recommend the Baby Plan. It comes with the following features:

  • Free Domain Name
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Domains
  • One-click WordPress Installation
  • A $100 incentive for Google Adwords and a $100 credit for Bing Ads
  • 100+ free mobile-responsive templates
  • Free domain name
  • Domain transfers

Hostgator’s joint hosting services are an excellent choice for small to medium-sized websites, as they have a variety of extras, exceptional usability, and excellent customer service. There’s no need to put off spending on your website when plans start as low as $2.75.


Starts from $6.99

Siteground, like most web hosting companies, offers three shared hosting options to choose from, StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. The best plant to choose from the vendor is the GrowBig Plan. It has the following features, plus more:

  • 1 Website
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • 10 GB storage
  • Free Email
  • Approximately 10,000 visits monthly
  • Free daily backup
  • WP Auto-updates
  • Unlimited websites
  • 20GB storage
  • Free SSL certificate and HTTPS
  • Unmetered traffic25,000 monthly visitsUnlimited MySQL databases
  • Free WordPress install

If security and quality performance are top priorities when selecting a web hosting provider, Siteground is the way to go. If you are not opposed to investing a little more money. Siteground, on the other hand, offers shared hosting packages that are among the best.


Starts from $2.95

HostPapa is yet another seasoned web hosting vendor which has been in business since 2006. With over 500,000 websites hosted on their data centers in the United States and Canada, the business has seen significant growth in recent years.

One of the reasons HostPapa has grown in popularity is that its features cater to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Their price is also reasonable, which is the icing on the cake. The plan I would like to recommend is the Business Plan, its features are listed below:

  • 2 websites
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Free website migration
  • cPanel
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • 100GB of SSD storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Robust security
  • Free domain registration
  • Unlimited MySQL databases

When it comes to achieving results, HostPapa’s shared hosting plans certainly deliver. Hosting your company website with them ensures that you have more than sufficient capacity to propel your site to new heights. 

HostPapa is a perfect web hosting option for small businesses because its feature set and efficiency are adequate to manage the traffic and file transfer connected with company websites. 

Green Geeks

Starts from $2.95

Well, they are called GreenGeeks and they are a green organization that specializes in doing business in a sustainable manner. Alas, web hosting is a power-hungry industry.

GreenGeeks gets around this problem by buying three times the amount of wind energy credits used to compensate for the energy consumed by their servers to power your website. They substitute an estimate of 615,000 kWh per year in this manner.

I would like to suggest, out of the three plans they offer, the Pro plan. While the Lite Plan has the best value for money, Pro Plan has adequate features needed for good shared hosting. Its features are listed below:

  • Free site migration
  • 1-Click App Installer
  • Live chat, internet, and email tickets are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • E-commerce capabilities
  • Free Wildcard SSL
  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Free Domain Name
  • Very fast servers
  • Environmentally-friendly hosting
  • 1 Website
  • PowerCacher Included
  • Automatic backups
  • Comes with cPanel
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

If you require more server resources, the Pro plan ($5.95) has twice as much as the Lite plan. And if you expect increased traffic and data transfers (an indication that you’re performing well), switch to the $11.95 premium package for 4x better efficiency.


Starts from $1.99 

The defining characteristic of iPage is that they provide a “one-size-fits-all” hosting service that can accommodate a wide range of usage cases.

However, how can this one-size-fits-all joint hosting arrangement compare to the competitors? Let’s begin by taking a look at the plan’s highlights to find out. Features of iPage’s unique Plan:

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Free domain for 1 year
  • Scalable bandwidth
  • Free online store
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Free email addresses (with SPAM filters)
  • Unlimited domain names allowed
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 1-click WordPress installer

The feature set of iPage’s one-size-fits-all package will actually help it live up to its bold promise. From a basic blog to a business website to an e-commerce shop, iPage’s shared hosting plan can be customized to meet the own requirements.


Starts from $3.99 

InMotion has been in business for over two decades. That’s an eternity of internet years. Because of this (as well as its over 300,000 user base), it is one shared hosting network that has a lot to prove in order to retain its market domination.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what the joint hosting plans have to offer to see whether the business has improved with age – or otherwise.

The plan I would recommend is the Power plan. It offers the features mentioned down below:

  • 6 websites
  • Robust security
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • 2x the performance
  • Unlimited email (rare in base packages)
  • Marketing tools

If features are any indication, InMotion Hosting has been doing an excellent job of demonstrating that being a veteran gives them an advantage over the competition.

Though InMotion’s shared hosting packages seem to be expensive, you get much more benefit than you pay for any of the hosting bundles. If you have the funds, this is an opportunity you would not be sorry for if you have long-term plans for your website(s). 


Choosing the best shared hosting package for your blog is critical to its sustainability.

Nothing is more infuriating than getting stuck with a subpar hosting provider that restricts the efficiency or accessibility of your website.

However, by reviewing these picks for the best shared hosting plans (and using the tips for selecting the correct plan) in this guide, you can find the process a lot simpler.

If you’ve any queries on how to choose the best hosting service, please leave them in the comments section below!

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