How to Watch Chucky Movies in Order [Updated 2022]?

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Watching movies is loved by most of us and we always do our best to follow the latest movies available on different platforms. But at times, it does get difficult to keep a track of movies list. Hence, here we are solving how to watch Chucky movies in order in 2022. 

Watch Chucky Movies in Order
Watch Chucky Movies in Order

Looking up different genres of movies on different days is what we all prefer. But when we scroll through the genre of horror movies alone, it tends to get difficult for ourselves to keep calm and scroll. 

Growing up, most of us might have heard the name of Chucky, one of the most horror movies for us in our childhood. With the movie being a blast since its first version back which was released back in 1998, we all couldn’t resist to keep ourselves apart from its sequels. 

But since there are so many parts of the Chucky movie, one tends to lose track. Hence, we have made it easier for you and we will inform you on the list of Chucky movies in order. These are some of the best horror movies which one can watch in a definite order. 

Although, there are different opinions on watching Chucky movies in order since everyone has their own preference. But we are going to filter our preferences or opinions and we will provide Chucky movies in order according to their release dates. 

Moreover, since there are several issues present over the internet, we will suggest you take care of your privacy and security. People can opt to choose for VPN services which can provide you with immense safety. Some of the detailed suggestions of VPN services but let us connect with the Chucky movies in order first. 

Chucky Movies in Order 2022

1. Child’s Play

This is the first Chucky movie that has been released for the people to watch Chucky movies in order. The directing credits for the very first part of the movie goes to Tom Holland with its screenplay written by Don Macini. 

Child’s Play was rated as 6.6/10 according to the imdb rating and had a running duration of 1 hour 27 minutes. The plot of the movie goes like when Chucky reaches the age of 20, his body begins to fail him and he sets himself to find a new soul. 

Now Chucky has gone to young Andy where he starts terrorizing him until they learn there is a serial killer is on loose and things change fast! 

2. Child’s Play 2 

Going with the first movie’s name, the next sequel came as Child’s Play 2 which was released back in 1990. The directing of the movie was done by John Lafia and screenplay was again written by Don Mancini.

The plot of the movie consists of Andy, who was also present in the last movie. Chucky was a doll which was received by Andy. But due to serial killer, Chucky was brought into life but he does not want Andy to know. Hence, he kills everyone who comes in his way!

Later he plots to kill Andy but he somehow runs away to save his life. One can now further connect with the plot and watch the movie on different websites. But people should keep their devices safe and secure with VPN networks for such movies. 

3. Child’s Play 3

The third sequel of Child’s Play has the same name as its first part. It was released back in 1991 with its director being Jack Bender and the writer being Don Mancini. This part of the movie had a rating of 5.1/10 on imdb with it running for a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

Here the movie takes up where it left off in the second part. Due to the instances that happened in the last part, Andy has been sent to a military school but to the horror of the audience, Chucky has also been shipped to Andy’s room. 

This part of the movie has several twists where another character finds notes written with a message like Kill her on those and troubles are coming all the way up. This movie of Chucky was an amazing hit where it earned almost $28 million alone in the United States!

4. Bride of Chucky

Moving forward with the fourth part of the Chucky movie in order, this movie was released in 1998 with its name being Bride of Chucky. This movie was also written by its main writer Don Mancini while it was being directed by Ronny Yu. 

The movie continues on the murder of Tiffany by Chucky and he transfers her soul into another doll. He then makes this doll his companion to kill the other members of the family and helps in making Chucky’s plan successful. 

The movie Bride of Chucky was again a huge commercial success and was loved by people throughout the world. 

5. Seed of Chucky

The fifth movie on the Chucky movies in order is Seed of Chucky which was directed by the writer itself, Don Mancini. This part of the movie was released in 2004 and continues the story from the last movie. 

The movie goes back to the origin of Chucky where he transfers his soul into another doll. But the most exciting part of the movie is that Chucky and Tiffany have a son who but the movie brings a spin when their son disposes of them. 

6. Chucky’s Vacation Slides

The next part in the Chucky movies in order is Chucky’s Vacation Slides which was released in 2005, a year just after the last movie. This was another part which was directed by the movie’s writer, Don Mancini himself. 

In this part of the movie, Chucky has been displayed as a young boy where when the family chases Chucky, he has new powers and abilities to cause them trouble. The end of the movie consists of the family taking vacation where Chucky gets lost and is later found by the family under a couch. 

7. Curse of Chucky 

After taking a long gap of releasing any new sequel to the Chucky movies in order, Don Mancini again came up with the new sequel as the movie, Curse of Chucky in 2013. This new sequel of the movie had a duration of 1 hour 37 minutes. 

Here, in the new movie computer generated visuals were used and gave some new effects to this new movie of Chucky. The plot of the movie consists of how Chucky started his activities again to haunt his family after years of being silent. 

Andy, the boy who was haunted by Chucky reappears as a grown up and gives Chucky a new aim to haunt and murder everyone whom Andy holds dear in his life. It crossed almost $24 million throughout the world. 

8. Cult of Chucky

The next movie in Chucky movies in order is the Cult of Chucky which was released in 2017. This movie too like the last ones was both written and directed by Don Mancini himself and has a running time of 1 hour 31 minutes. 

Chucky here joins hand with another evil doctor but faces an issue when a girl gang is rebelling against him. In this part of the movie, Chucky was given as a zombie related version to him and would be an amazing watch for people who are in search for zombie related movies. 

9. Child’s Play

The current last sequel of the Chucky movies is Child’s Play which was released in 2019. Unlike the last versions of this movie, this part was written by Tyler Burton Smith and was directed by Lars Klevberg. 

The plot of this movie shows how Andy was playing with this doll with his friend when this doll starts coming alive and tries to kill his friend. Later in the movie, Chucky manages to kill Andy’s friend and his mother and makes an attempt to kill Andy too. 

The last part of this movie has come twists as well which users might love to see themselves! 

Using VPN Networks to Stream Chucky Movies in Order

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With different movies we have our eyes on, Chucky movies must have been viewed by people at least once. Hence, with the brief details about each of the Chucky movies, we have concluded the Chucky movies in order. 

Moreover, by following the steps given above in the article on the usage of VPN services, people can easily stream thousands of movies on different platforms without having to worry about their safety and security. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many parts of the Chucky Movies are there?

The Chucky movies are one of the most loved movies present within people which is under the horror genre. One can know that there are about nine Chucky movies in order which were released between the time of 1998-2019.

Where can we watch the Chucky movies on the internet?

The Internet is a vast pool of information where people can find multiple streaming websites. Similarly, there are many OTT platforms or online streaming platforms where people can find the Chucky movies in order. Some of such platforms are FMovies and AZMovies.

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