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Top 10 Sites For Streaming Cartoons

You kids who live in a world that is practically run by technology would never understand the experience of a kid of millennial era watching cartoons.

Cartoons were aired on their designated network at a particular time, if you missed one episode, it was believed that you would not be able to watch it ever. However, the excitement that the kids had due to this restriction is undoubtedly unmatched.

On the lucky side, you kids today do not have to adjust your schedules in accordance with the timings of the cartoon streaming on cable TVs. You now have the luxury of choosing when, where and how to watch your cartoons.

There are several sites on the internet which have made cartoons available for you and you can watch it with the control of your convenience in your hand. You can skip, re-watch, download, etc all in the easiest ways.

Top Sites For Streaming Cartoons
Top Sites For Streaming Cartoons

There are innumerable sites on the web today which offer you with a wide wide range and variety of cartoons to choose from. While this gives you a lot of websites to pick from for streaming.

It may not always be possible for you to find the cartoon you are looking for, or you may not be able to find all the episodes and seasons.

So, not all the sites on the wed might be what you are looking for. You may be perplexed at which one to choose from the ocean of sites for the purpose of streaming your cartoons. We will help you go directly to the ones that will work out the best for you.

We will familiarize you with the top sites you can easily access in order to directly get what you want without having to search for it.

Quick Guide: How to unblock cartoon sites with a VPN?

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  2. Download and Install the VPN app for your device.
  3. Log into your VPN app and Connect to a suitable server.
  4. Visit the sites you want and enjoy streaming.

Top Sites For Streaming Cartoons


This is a great website mainly famous for anime content. It provides an amazing collection of classic cartoons as well as movies.

The collection is liked by most of the audience as the content is the perfect balance between youngsters type and family type.


  • Both subbed and dubbed versions of the content
  • Built-in search bar
  • Attractive UI
  • All the new releases displayed on the home page

Genres: it focuses more on varying genres of anime. Action, family-friendly, fantasy- oriented etc shows are also available

Price: Free


This website is considered best for old classic cartoons. It takes the audience back to the 50s- 60s golden era of the cartoons when Looney Tunes, Popeye the Sailor Man, Adventures of Mickey Mouse etc were released.

The videos of many different old classics available on various websites are collected and put here. It also allows the users to participate in a community forum by signing up and creating an account on it.


  • Daily alert for new uploads
  • Dedicated blog for cartoons
  • Community forum
  • Built-in Google search

Genres: Old Classics Only

Price: Free


Youtube is the largest platform for online videos and has a great and diverse collection of cartoon shows from all regions and studios.

This platform host dedicated channels to some popular networks such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network Dreamworks, Pixar etc.

It instantly provides users with short clips as well as full length movies and shows off cartoons of their choice.

Great platform for independent artists to show their animated content to the users. The viewing experience is amazing and has the option to adjust the quality of videos, to activate subtitles and also to download any video for watching offline.


  • Subtitles (optional)
  • Adjustable video quality
  • Diverse collection

Genres: All genres available

Price: Free

Cartoon Network HQ

It is a great choice for the users who are big fans of the content available on Cartoon Network such as Teen Titans Go, Ben 10 etc.

Most of the content available here is in the form of short clips particularly made for this website and thus it is not for the users who want to watch full length episodes.


  • Also provides online games
  • Short clips on the popular cartoon shows
  • Attractive UI with easy navigation
  • Mobile app for this website

Genres: Only children and family-friendly content.

Price: Free

Cartoons On

This website is for streaming old as well as new cartoons online. It is extremely plain and navigating here is very easy which allows the users to easily and quickly find what they are looking for either by browsing through their catalogue or by using the built-in search engine.

It has an option to filter the content. For example if you want to stream content from Disney Channel then you can choose it as your preference which will show you content only from Disney. 

It contains a good collection of anime as well which is available in HD quality.


  • Clean UI
  • In- built search bar
  • Multiple sources to play video
  • HD quality videos also available

Genres: almost all types are available ( action, comedy, fantasy etc.)

Price: Free 

Super Cartoons

It is a great website popular for its collection of old cartoons. It provides the users with an option to filter the cartoons on the basis of studio, characters, and series they prefer. There are some ads in between.


  • Intuitive filtering
  • Clean UI
  • Latest releases available on home page

Genres: Old Classics

Price: Free


It has a good collection which includes cartoon shows like Courage the Cowardly Dog, Tom and Jerry etc.

It provides the content in the best quality online and can be watched anytime in the whole day.


  • High quality
  • Attractive UI
  • Streaming can be done on both mobile and computer

Genres: Comedy, Action, Old Classics, Family, Fantasy.

Price: 1 week free and $4.99/month after that.

It has similarities with WatchCartoonOnline. This website provides a great catalog of new and old anime movies and shows. You can also access few American cartoon shows on this side.

However, the collection is not great in comparison with the amount of animes offered to the audience. This is a great site for watching recently released cartoons episodes, you can also watch them with subtitles in English.

You also watch English dubbed Japanese anime on this site. It also lets you take part in fan forums by signing in.


  • Huge catalog of old and new anime
  • Subbed and dubbed anime available
  • Limited collection of American cartoons
  • Attractive UI

Genres: action, anime, comedy, fantasy, horror

Price: Free

WatchCartoonOnline is a popularly known site among contemporary sites for being loaded with a great collection from among the best trending and latest shows free of cost.

There is a library on the site where you can find cartoons from mainstream cartoon channels as well as streaming sites such as Netflix and Cartoon Network. The site makes content available to its users in a high quality.

You will be able to get recently released seasons and all episodes of shows such as Teen Titans Go, Castle Vania, and American Dad. You will be able to know what’s trending from the home page itself.

It also lets you search to find shows you are looking for. It has a intuitive and convenient UI as well as filtering capabilities.


  • Get latest episodes free of cost in a few hours of release.
  • You can sign up to rate the content you watch.
  • Intuitive filter

Genres: All cartoon genres available

Price: Free


WCO has been complained of having an interface which is odd-looking. But ignoring that, this site could help you find some of the most recently released cartoons and other animated content free of cost.

On this site, you will be able to find latest content from channels such as Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and many more.

WCO is also popularly known for subbed as well as dubbed anime. The UI on this site has been designed in such a way that it makes it very convenient for the user to find the recently released content. It shows the list of the trending shows on the right side of the screen.


  • Subbed and Dubbed Anime
  • Built-in search bar
  • Highlights trending shows

Genres: action, anime, fantasy, 3D animation, and family

Price: Free

Profoundly Used VPNs For Streaming Cartoons

1. NordVPN – Affordable prices for unblocking streaming platforms

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It provides you with a high-security level and surety of zero IPv6/ DNS leaks which makes it one of the best and most used VPNs among the long list of VPNs available. It could also provide you with Onion over VPN in case you require more security.

What makes it more attractive is that it keeps absolutely no log details at all. It hides even the bandwidth information of your connection. Strictly high on security and privacy, it uses 256-but AEC encryption.

It is DNS leak protection.

In addition to this, it also has automatic wifi protection available for androids. It also has an internet kill switch.

This VPN is known to be the all-rounder VPN with the availability of high-speed internet and reasonable price.

It has a simple UI which makes it very easy to use even for beginners. It is popularly used to unblock the contents which are geographically blocked in platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix etc.

On Netflix, six connections at the same time are provided on each of the subscriptions in addition with the Netflix streaming

One of it’s best qualities is the guarantee of 30 days for returning back the money which makes it riskless. Incase you do not like the app after trying it, you could easily get the 100℅ refund.

2. ExpressVPN – Best security and high speed streaming

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ExpressVPN is the best option to be used if you require a VPN which provides high security as well as high encryption.

The VPN is based on the British Virgin Islands where there are no laws for data retention. Hence, your data will not be kept with the company and no other party could request to access your data which makes it completely private and secure.

OpenVPN, L2Tp-IPSec and IKev2 protocols are used by ExpressVPN which are popular for being the most reliable and safe security protocols.

It has more than 3000 servers in around 94 countries which offer upto 100Mb/s speed of internet. It allows you to stream Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ and many more in the best streaming quality.

They also provide you with the 30 days money-back program through which you could easily get your full refund in case you want to withdraw from this VPN.

With this, there is also a feature of live chat available 24/7 to help you deal with all your problems. In case you need, there is also an option which provides you access to a hidden page meant for subscriptions of low price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are VPNs?

VPN is expanded to Virtual Private Networks. VPN assigns your device an IP address which helps you keep your activities untraceable by external agents. It helps you access geo-blocked content.

Is it legal to watch cartoons on free sites?

It completely depends on your location, where you are accessing these sites. Many free sites do not hold the legal license to air the content that is present on them, so they face geo-restriction and sometimes even complete ban.

Is it safe to access free sites?

The safety element differs from one site to another. There are many site which are accessed for free content but they also malware and viruses which might affect the safety of your device. But there are also sites which are free and safe also. So be wise with your choice of site.

Why are some cartoon sites inaccessible?

Many sites do not hold the legal license to air the content that is present on them, so they face geo-restriction and sometimes even complete ban. Depending on your location, you may or may not be able to access these sites.

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