Surfshark VPN Review 2024 | Enjoy Stable and Fast Connection

Surfshark VPN is a VPN that offers tremendous security features. Want to know more in detail about SurfShark VPN? You are at right place. Here is a complete SurfShark VPN Review.

Surfshark VPN Review
Surfshark VPN Review

Is SurfShark VPN safe and secure to use? Can SurfShark unblock the streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon? Is SurfShark good for gaming? You will get answers of all the questions in this article.

Surfshark is a VPN provider that started back in 2018 and has rapidly become the favourite VPN of numerous VPN clients. Surfshark is a VPN with solid encryption with user-friendly software.

The low prices and user-friendliness make Surfshark a phenomenal VPN. Without a question, this starter is as of now on standard with long-term champions such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN

The results of the speed tests were phenomenal. We experienced no issues during everyday use. In a few circumstances, Surfshark indeed demonstrated to be speedier than a few of our other VPN suppliers. 

Surfshark is a VPN with above-average internet speeds and incredible execution amid regular use. The speed tests appear awesome results for downloading speed Streaming videos and downloading files can be done rapidly with Surfshark.

SurfShark VPN Review: Overview

Official Website
Operating systemsWindows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
Unblock StreamingNetflix, iTV, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and More
Device Connected10+
Data Leaks NO
PriceFrom $2.49 / mo
Customer SupportFriendly and Helpful

What is a VPN?

A virtual private organization, or VPN, is an encrypted association over the Web from a gadget to a network. This technology promises that sensitive or confidential information is transmitted safely and securely.

It avoids any anonymous individual from sniffing or snooping attacks on the activity while the information is transmitted over a network by a computer, smartphone, or another connected device and permits the client to conduct work remotely. 

  • A VPN benefit that provides online security and security, a quick association, and no limits on transmission capacity. 
  • VPN innovation is broadly utilized in corporate environments. Individuals working in different countries with restricted opportunities have to rely on a private internet connection for work. Someone who lives or works under a dictator administration ought to use a VPN to stow away their IP Address and ensure extra security for their sensitive messages.
  • VPN technology is accessible to check whether a gadget meets certain necessities, too called a device’s pose, sometime recently it is permitted to put through remotely.

What is VPN encryption and why should one encrypt online data?

The internet service providers may track the internet traffic and sell the data to advertisers. Hackers can exploit unsecured connections to get inside your phones and computers.VPN encryption scrambles your online information so that third parties can’t see nor abuse it. 

All apps utilize AES-256 bit encryption, in combination with the OpenVPN convention, a 4096-bit RSA key, and SHA-512 HMAC confirmation. 

This is often the level of encryption that governments and banks recommend. What’s more, Surfshark VPN runs its private, zero-knowledge DNS servers

Surshark uses industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption, which is essentially invulnerable. This is the same level of encryption utilized by governments and militaries to secure their private information, so your ISP and third parties won’t be able to see any of your online movement.

Does Surfshark provide the Fastest and Most Consistent Speeds for all online activities?

Surfshark has fast and consistent speeds. This VPN is the fastest is one that regularly overhauls its server network, contributes to program designing, and keeps up a strong framework.

Surfshark has been inclining up its server count very quickly. Over the past year, Its network has nearly multiplied from around 1,700 servers to more than 3,200. These servers cover 65 nations.

While a few rivals such as ExpressVPN and CyberGhost cover more nations, Surfshark gives sufficient choice for most clients. Surfshark fared extraordinarily within the latest speed tests.

You can stream 4K video and utilize HD video conferencing while connected to different servers. And the client won’t have issues playing online games while connected to each of the test servers.

Buffering with Surfshark VPN? Impossible!

There’s no greater buzzkill when streaming video than an intrusion for buffering or experiencing other buffering issues. Video buffering is an unwelcome result of spilling video.

When we observe a movie on a TV set, we expect ceaseless, continuous signals. But streaming is another matter. 

But all these issues that disturb your entertainment can come to an end if you have Surfshark VPN. The Surfshark VPN will protect your online streaming from unwanted snoopers, including the ISP, and will give you a fast experience when streaming or downloading media content. Anytime, anywhere, on any device. 

The fast internet service has ended up an essential requirement of work. Other than work, we have a lot of things to do with the web.

Presently turn on the Surfshark VPN, stack destinations, surf on social media, observe motion pictures and web series, do anything you need, and appreciate the quick and steady association anywhere.

Does Surfshark allow streaming on Netflix and other OTT Platforms?

Yes, Surfshark unblocks multiple Netflix libraries including Netflix US, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, India, Singapore, France, Germany, Italy, and several others. Surfshark also works with Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, ITV Center, All 4, Hotstar, HBO, Sky, and numerous other local streaming services.

Overall, Surfshark is one of the most excellent VPNs out there when it comes to unlocking region-locked content. The VPN works with most gadgets that run Kodi and is consistent with Kodi addons.

You can use Surfshark’s Smart DNS to unblock geo-restricted streaming substance on gadgets that aren’t consistent with a VPN, like gaming consoles and smart TVs. It’s a super basic setup and permits you to unblock US-based administrations and libraries.

Users can even do torrenting through anonymous sites easily. You’ll be able to torrent records over the complete server organization without confinement.

None of the users’ file sharing, receiving actions will be stored or recorded.  And if the VPN connection had dropped, the VPN murder switch would have anticipated our genuine IP address from being exposed. 

Downloading torrents went easy as well. Users can manage to download huge files in no time. Surfshark even noticed we were employing a torrenting program and consequently exchanged from a customary VPN server to a specialized P2P server to encourage the downloading. This VPN is exceptionally user-friendly.

 How secure is Surfshark?

Surfshark is a secure VPN with exceptionally solid encryption protocols (OpenVPN, IKEv2, Shadowsocks, Wireguard, and L2TP) Surfshark permits you to turn on a kill switch to ensure your web connection when the VPN connection drops Surfshark does not keep logs.

You can pay with Bitcoin to form a Surfshark account and you simply need to allow them your e-mail address and a password. Surfshark does not keep track of particular user data but it does utilize anonymized data to decide their server stack and spot conceivable connection issues.

This shows clearly that they aren’t willing to compromise when it comes to their users’ security. On the beat of this, Surfshark too offers a protocol that was particularly planned to outwit censorship.

Surfshark VPN is best for the multiple devices

We live in a world of gadgets, but each modern internet-capable gadget brings modern dangers. Hackers search for shortcomings.

On the off chance that you employ a VPN on your computer but leave your phone unprotected, it’s useless to secure. A VPN for different gadgets may be a must.

Surfshark VPN account can cover unlimited gadgets at once, giving you unlimited times the assurance. Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux – it doesn’t matter which working framework you employ, Surfshark VPN will cover up your area, IP address and scramble the activity.

Besides, on the off chance that you interface Surfshark VPN to your switch, it will secure each gadget on the users’ network, utilizing it as if it were a single space out of the unlimited accessible device.

No matter if the user is a die-hard Android user or an iOS fan, Surfshark VPN will keep your individual information more personal and guarantees a hundred percent privacy.

Surfshark and the Multihop servers 

MultiHop is a feature that permits you to route your traffic through a few servers at once to take your online security to an entirely new level.

Connect through different nations at once to take ID security & footprint concealing to an entirely another level. Your connection will jump from one server to another, bringing you an additional layer of security.

We can connect to Multihop servers through the Surfshark server using Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. 

Automatic Kill Switch

The kill switch feature is easy to access and keeps you protected even if Surfshark suddenly disconnects. The kill switch will temporarily deactivate your web connection and after that reactivate it consequently when you’ve connected again.

So none of your web activity is leaked while the VPN reconnects. This can be a critical feature that has ended up standard with most VPNs.

KillSwitch will guarantee that no sensitive information gets out by cutting off the internet connection until you reconnect to a Surfshark VPN server.

Turn it on if you need to require expanded security measures. Surfshark makes this feature effortlessly available from its base connection screen unlike a part of other VPNs. 

The user has to press the small arrow over where it says “connected” and actuate the kill switch without navigating through the settings menu.

It’s not activated automatically, so the user needs to switch it on physically the primary time you interface to Surfshark.

What is a Camouflage Mode?

Camouflage Mode highlight covers up reality that you’re employing a VPN to scramble your activity also known as obfuscation. It does this with innovation that produces the connection that appears like ordinary activity.

With Camouflage Mode active, your ISP or government will not only be blind to your web movement, but they won’t be able to see that you’re using a VPN to preserve privacy, either.

You can too use Camouflage Mode to help you get around firewalls on open WiFi. When turned on Camouflage Mode, it loaded finely and the user will be able to observe it.

Camouflage Mode is automatically enabled when interfacing utilizing the Open VPN convention, which is accessible on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux gadgets.

Strict No-log VPN service

Without a VPN, all your online activity passes through your internet service provider (ISP). They can see everything you are doing online and track your actions and even movements online.

Some of the time they indeed hand your web get to information over to promoters, government offices, or other third parties. Surfshark VPN offers a zero-logs benefit.

It shows that Surfshark VPN does not store connection stamps, session data, transfer speed utilization, activity information, IP addresses, and other information. Surfshark doesn’t collect your IP address, browsing history, session data, or any other identifiable information.

Browser Extensions for Chrome and Firefox

After you browse the web, users expect protection. But on the chance that the user’s connection isn’t secure, anyone who offers to arrange or screens your connection can see what you’re doing. Not all websites are designed to supply a secure association (HTTPS), which encrypt activity. 

Surfshark’s browser expansions are a simplified form of the app. They don’t incorporate any advanced features and as it were to encrypt your activity inside the browser itself.

This means any of the apps you utilize outside your browser aren’t secured by the Surfshark VPN. The expansions are accessible in 9 languages counting English, French, German, Polish, and Japanese

Surfshark Pricing

There are numerous VPN suppliers accessible of which many are free. The issue is that most free VPN services give little data remittances, restricted server areas, moderate speeds, and very regularly don’t work together with your favourite streaming platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, iPlayer. They are not suggested for torrenting either. 

Surfshark VPN Pricing
Surfshark VPN Pricing

Surfshark has one plan but offers discounts depending on your subscription length. Surfshark VPN provides you with three amazing plans that are the greatest deals you can get in the market!

Surfshark also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans which should give you efficient time to decide if it’s the right service for you. Alternatively, if you sign up via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you can get a free seven-day trial.

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