How to Set Up a VPN for Apple TV?

The term VPN is not an alien term for those who enjoy content on streaming services. Nowadays, many people are switching towards Apple devices. Can we connect an Apple T.V to a VPN?

We intend to discuss this curious question in the article. Simultaneously, we will also discuss a few general questions such as How do we connect a VPN to an Apple T.V? What is the function of a router in a VPN?

Set Up a VPN for Apple TV
Set Up a VPN for Apple TV

Why is Apple T.V considered as one of the most ideal options for streaming purposes? Why are VPNs more compatible with Apple T.V? Which VPN is ideal for Apple T.V? The readers can find answers to these questions in this article.

Quick Guide: Set Up a VPN for Apple TV

  1. Download and Install a VPN. I advise NordVPN since it is easily connected to Apple TV.
  2. Link to a server in the Countries like (United Kingdom, United States, India or Canada).
  3. Now connect the VPN to Apple TV and Enjoy streaming on Apple TV.

What is the use of integrating VPN with Apple devices?

To make the streaming faster, secure, and most efficient, many tend to combine the Apple TV with a VPN. The combination of Apple TV and VPN has proved to be ideal and has delivered the most efficient results.

Viewers belonging to the countries can also access and consume the content by connecting the Apple TV with a VPN.

Apart from the efficient content and unblocking of sites, VPNs can also play a key role in eradicating swagging, throttling, banning, and providing safety.

Consequently, many are switching towards the unique and deadly combination of Apple TV + VPN. In this article, we will discuss how to connect a VPN to the Apple T.V. We will also discuss the ideal VPN for Apple devices.

What is a VPN?

It is an abbreviation for the expression ‘Virtual Private Network’ which is typically used for the establishment of a secure internet connection between the host network and another network.

Initially used for the purpose of allowing access to business networks from home, it has widely gained popularity owing to its property that it is virtually difficult to trace and the fact that it could be used for accessing some websites and applications that are restricted to particular regions.

With the help of a VPN, apps like Netflix could be easily accessed without getting tracked by the IP address and the web traffic.

Additionally, VPN is a tested product, which has many other advantages such as securing the internet connection, protecting the privacy of the user by keeping his identity under wraps, safeguarding the user from any malicious cyber threats and phishing attacks, and many more.

Many VPNs offer these facilities to the user by charging reasonable prices on a monthly or yearly basis. With more advantages outweighing the disadvantages, people are preferring VPNs to access Netflix and other such region-restricted websites to watch their favorite content across any location of the planet.

Why is it necessary to encrypt the online data?

At times, the internet service providers may track the IP address and access the private information of the users. In that case, the user will be a victim of cyber attacks.

Hence, it is necessary for the online data to be encrypted first before accessing any websites or information. VPNs work on the principle of data encryption, thus reducing the efforts and fear of the user.

How to connect a VPN to the Apple TV?

The process of setting up a VPN is not as complicated as it seems. There are several easy ways to set up and connect a VPN to the Apple Tv, without putting in much effort.

The complete process of setting up a VPN and the process of using the router to enhance the privacy of the system are summarized below in brief-

Setting up a VPN to Apple TV involves the following simple steps

  • Identify a suitable VPN for your device and install it. We recommend NordVPN.
  • Register the IP address of the device to connect the VPN to Apple T.V.
  • Go to VPN Account Settings >> Set up other devices.
  • Select ‘Apple T.V’ while selecting the devices.
  • Now the user will receive a MediaStreamer DNS IP Address.
  • Navigate to Network Settings on the Apple device.
  • Find your recent connection and select it.
  • It will let the user access the Advanced Settings of the device.
  • Go to Advanced Settings >> Configure DNS >> Manual.
  • Now enter the DNS IP Address found on the official website of the VPN.
  • After the process is complete, start the Apple device again.

Connecting a router to your VPN involves the following simple steps

  • Download the FirmWare of your router.
  • Now install it by entering the IP address of the router.
  • Now upload the firmware directly to your router.
  • Now go to the home section of your VPN to finish the setup.
  • Connecting a router to a VPN will help in enhancing security and privacy.

Best VPNs for Apple T.V

Several VPNs are available in the market today. It is technically challenging for the user to choose the right one. Almost all VPNs provide features that can protect and safeguard the network and the device of the user.

Before we decide on the ideal VPNs for Apple T.V, it is essential to identify the advantages and the limitations of the particular VPN. There are popular VPNs that are not ideal to use on Apple T.V. Hotspot Shield is one such example.

We must be careful in choosing the right one that is ideal and efficient for Apple T.V. We have mentioned the top 3 VPNs that are ideal for streaming purposes on Apple T.V. The VPNs are tried and tested and are efficient while streaming on Apple devices.

Nord VPN

NordVPN Review
NordVPN Review
  • The router setup is entirely manual and easy.
  • The VPN is designed to use on Apple devices.
  • The VPN provides great streaming power to access apps on Apple devices.
  • We can connect up to 5400 devices at a time using NordVPN.

This VPN has secured the top rank due to its smooth functioning on all Apple devices. Experts say that it is the ideal VPN for connecting it with Apple T.V.


The VPN offers cheap and affordable premium plans to its users. The most basic plan starts at $11.95 per month, and the two-year package starts at $3.71 for the maiden users. It offers a 65% discount to its premium users.


The router setup ensures the privacy and efficient transfer of data in the Apple T.V. It provides high-level encryption and prevents data breaches. It uses top-tier AES 256-bit encryption to protect the data from cybercriminals.

If the VPN disconnects suddenly, then the Automated KillSwitch blocks our devices from accessing any website. The VPN protects the user from accessing dangerous and malicious websites. The VPN makes our online data unreadable to others by providing an extra layer of security.


The user interface is smooth and easier to use for experts and amateurs alike. High speed and unlimited bandwidth are the features that make it ideal to use on Apple T.V. The bandwidth are unlimited, and we can connect across 56 countries.

Express VPN

Express VPN Review
Express VPN Review
  • The MediaStreamer setup for the Apple T.V is easier to carry out using ExpressVPN.
  • The VPN also provides a router app, making it easier for the users to connect their devices with the router app.
  • The VPN is ideal for Apple users.
  • It works on 5th gen and 6th gen as well with more efficiency.

It is the best alternative after NordVPN due to its enhanced security features and smooth functioning on other devices, especially the Apple ones.


The prices are affordable. Experts claim that it is the best affordable VPN to use on Apple devices. The basic plan starts with $12.45 per month. It has been rated 4.6 out of 5 stars. The best thing about the VPN is that it provides a 3-month trial run for its users.


To get extra security, the users can connect their devices with the router app provided by ExpressVPN. The router app enhances the privacy and security of the users by providing an additional layer of protection to the devices.


It provides a 4K streaming all the time, even when the traffic is high. It is powerful and easy to use. It unlocks the content of all the streaming apps.


Surfshark VPN Review
Surfshark VPN Review
  • The router setup is easy and entirely manual.
  • It has 3700 servers in 68 countries.
  • The interface is smooth, making it ideal to use on Apple devices.
  • The customer service is friendly and provides solutions to all the doubts of the users.

This VPN ranks among the top 5 ideal VPNs. Experts consider it as one of the most trusted VPNs available in the market due to its security features.


The prices are affordable at just $3.67 per month. It is relatively cheap compared to other VPNs of its league. It provides an 81% discount to its premium users.


It has a strict No-logs policy. The VPN uses the most efficient encryption algorithms to offer security to the users’ devices.


It is the best Apple TV VPN option for streaming the content in good quality at a minimal price. It unblocks all the streaming applications such as Netflix, HBO, and Prime.

What’s the final verdict?

The user should make the right decision while choosing an appropriate VPN as per the requirements. However, looking at the features and functionalities, NordVPN is the ideal one for Apple devices.

We should carefully carry out the process to connect a VPN to an Apple device. The user can then enjoy the privileges of the VPN on Apple devices.

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