NordVPN vs SurfShark | Which Is Better For You?

Confused between NordVPN and SurfShark? Not sure which would work best for you? Read the following article till the end to know what suits your requirements.

NordVPN vs SurfShark | Which Is Better For You
NordVPN vs SurfShark | Which Is Better For You

A VPN is a commonly used term today. Even if you’ve never used one, you’ve probably heard of it from someone who has. Increasingly, people are utilising VPN as a means to complete tasks digitally, from registering for anything to performing their business tasks.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This technology ensures that your online activity is completely anonymous and private.

Essentially, it creates a private network just for you, which masks your IP address, while your computer is connected to a public network.

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As a VPN establishes encrypted connections with a secure server, your online activity is hidden from any external party. This makes your online activity private, further protecting your privacy.

It is quite easy to unblock restricted websites or content using a VPN. All you will require is a VPN that is appropriate for your needs.

Using a VPN allows you to channel traffic through a tunnel that is maintained by the VPN you are using. An IP address is assigned to your device by the VPN you use which prevents external agencies from tracking your activities.

Basically, online privacy is enhanced with VPNs. But you should make sure you are purchasing the VPN that will help you circumvent restrictions, since not all VPNs are powerful enough to do so.

NordVPN and SurfShark are the two best VPNs impressing the users with their services.

Below mentioned are some of the important points to consider while identifying the differences between the two VPNs.

NordVPN vs SurfShark | Pricing and discounts

The subscription plans for both these VPNs are quite reasonable.

The NordVPN costs $11.95 per month whereas Surfshark costs $12.95 per month. Both the VPNs also offer a good discount in case you are willing to buy the multi-year subscription plans available.

These VPNs also guarantee a 30-day money-back program which gives you the opportunity to easily try them for a month and get your money back in case you do not want to continue using it.

NordVPN vs SurfShark | Streaming and unblocking

NordVPN is a popular choice among frequent streamers, in part because it unblocks several of the most popular streaming services in other countries. Surfshark also works well but it was unable to circumvent ABC’s geo-blocking, but NordVPN was able to do so.

It’s worth mentioning that both VPNs work well with Netflix and can unblock the service regardless of which server you use; if they can’t unblock a certain library, they’ll just send you to the American version.


China has some of the most extensive internet restrictions in the world, and most VPNs are outright blocked. Regardless, both of these VPNs operate in China once they’ve been correctly installed.

NordVPN is better to be used here. 

NordVPN vs SurfShark | Setup and interface

Both of these VPNs include user-friendly desktop applications. You can choose a server location from a list or a map in NordVPN’s app, and you can connect to specialised servers (like those for torrenting or better privacy) right from the main page.

Advanced options are kept separate and can be updated on a separate page, making it less likely that you’ll alter something you shouldn’t.

The desktop version from Surfshark, on the other hand, uses the approach “less is more”. Its main screen offers a simple and quick-connect button (including the option to choose the fastest P2P server automatically) and quick access to a handful of your most frequently used servers.

The sole flaw with Surfshark’s UI is that settings are spread out over 3 tabs, out of which one includes two more submenus. This isn’t a major issue, but it does make it a little more difficult to select a specific setting.

The map-based structure of NordVPN’s mobile app is carried over from the desktop version, but the sidebar has been removed to favour the quick-connect button as well as recent servers.

A full list of available countries and specialist servers may be seen by scrolling down. Certain functions, such as the kill switch (on Android) and the option to utilise obfuscated servers, have been deleted, however ad blocking and  automatic wifi protection remain.

The mobile version of Surf Shark is nearly identical to the desktop version, with the exception that the sidebar runs along the bottom of the screen. More importantly, the vast majority of its security mechanisms are available, and in certain cases, have been enhanced.

When using mobile WIFI, for example, the Android app allows you to send smaller packets to save bandwidth, and you can select between Surf Sharks kill switch and the one built into the OS.

NordVPN vs SurfShark | Servers and performance

NordVPN’s users are scattered across a larger number of servers, due to which the network is less stressed. This prevents getting low-latency and ensures high-speed connection, allowing you to browse and stream uninterrupted.

For what it’s worth, Surfshark’s speeds are outstanding, but theoretically it is more likely to have struggles for particular servers during peak times.

WireGuard connections are now available from both NordVPN and Surf Shark (NordVPN’s Nord Lynx protocol is a derivative of WireGuard), making both the VPNs quite faster than many of their competitors.

NordVPN vs SurfShark | Security

Both of these services offer OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols, but Surfshark additionally supports Shadowsocks which is a good open-source proxy and WireGuard which is the industry’s newest big competitor. This function is well-known for being simple to audit and quick over long-distance connections.

In fact, NordLynx which is the own proprietary protocol of NordVPN is based on WireGuard, and the company touts its “lean architecture” as a major selling point.

Both employ 256-bit AES encryption, considered to be virtually impenetrable. This  scrambles your communication using a secret key, resulting in useless data being seen to anyone peering in.

To allow your device to communicate privately with the VPN, NordVPN uses a 4096-bit RSA key. Surfshark, on the other hand, employs 2048-bit RSA keys, considered to be secure but a little less so.

On every platform, NordVPN as well as Surfshark include a kill switch. When you lose connectivity suddenly, a kill switch disables all data transfer, guaranteeing you will never have to browse without proper protection.

Furthermore, both of these VPNs use the private DNS servers, ensuring that no third parties have access to your internet data.

Finally, each provider has its own cloaking mechanism for bypassing VPN limits and some country-wide restrictions on the internet. NordVPN makes use of Obfsproxy, a technology that reshapes your data and hides the fact that you’re connected to a VPN.

Surf Shark, on the other hand, has its own proprietary programme called NoBorders, which is probably comparable.


Shared address allocation is used by these VPNs. This implies that anyone who gets connected to a server has the same IP address. It’s nearly hard to discern who’s doing what when multiple people are all browsing different websites simultaneously.

You can pay extra each month for a dedicated IP address with NordVPN. Unfortunately, Surf Shark subscribers do not have this option

NordVPN vs Surf Shark for Gaming

NordVPN and Surf Shark are both router compatible. This means you can set up a VPN connection on a VPN-compatible router and get your console connected to wifi for protection using a VPN. This eliminates the need for the console to connect to the VPN.

Surfshark and NordVPN both offer a Smart DNS service at no additional cost. This provides another option to set up your console with a faked location, giving you access to international gaming servers.

Keep in mind that Smart DNS connections are not capable of providing the same level of anonymity as a fully encrypted VPN tunnel.

One of the most significant differences between them for gaming purposes is that the NordVPN is faster.

NordVPN vs Surf Shark for torrenting safely

Both of them allow torrenting across their networks, and both have servers built up specifically for P2P connections. Furthermore, both of these services provide strong AES encryption as well as completely secured VPN tunnels for torrenting privately and safely.

Your ISP will not be able to track your any activity while torrenting thanks to the VPN tunnels provided by either of these providers. They also prevent your home IP from being detected by other peers, which could cause problems if you connect to a malicious peer.

One important point to be noted about NordVPN is that it offers the option of using a SOCKS5 proxy as well. This is a modest benefit that some torrent users may want to take advantage of. Surf Shark does not have this capability.


Both NordVPN and Surf Shark provide really impressive services. They provide really impressive services. But the users should choose which one to use based on their needs and after knowing the differences in the services of these VPNs.

They both have a plus point over the other in certain features/services. After considering all the important factors it can be said that when compared overall NordVPN is definitely better than Surf Shark.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are VPNs?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks. They give the user’s device a fake IP address and hides the actual IP address which keeps their online activities completely safe and private. They help the users to get access to any geographically blocked content on the internet.

Which VPN is better?

Even though Surf Shark is able to give some competition to the NordVPN, the NordVPN is definitely better than Surf Shark.

Is NordVPN good for gaming purposes?

Yes it’s very good for gaming purposes as it provides great speed as well as various servers to choose from. You can choose which is closest to your location as well as have a low ping.

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