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Godaddy Web Hosting Review |Is It Worth The Spend?

You must have definitely heard about GoDaddy before, be it fleetingly or in-depth. It is one of the most popular and well-known domain registrars.

With over twenty years of experience offering web services under their belt and a wide variety of hosting options ranging from basic shared hosting to dedicated servers.

Godaddy Web Hosting Review
Godaddy Web Hosting Review

Godaddy sure is one the top contender in providing web services. If you are looking for a review of its web hosting services, you are in the right place.

Godaddy Overview

Speed518 ms
Apps with one click installWordPress, Joomla, Drupal and 125+ other apps
Hosting PlansShared, WordPress, VPS Server, Dedicated Server
Support24/7 Live Chat, WhatsApp, Phone
RecommendationHighly recommended

Godaddy Review: Points covered

Before jumping into the details, here are the areas we will be looking into:

  • Plans
  • Performance
  • Interface
  • Price & Payment
  • Customer Support

Diving right into it, it can be assessed that it has an easy and intuitive setup. You can install applications like WordPress, use the robust File Manager, manage SQL databases, and much more.

GoDaddy is APACHE-based. While you can download WordPress and many more such apps like Joomla, Drupal, and 125+ other apps with a one-click installation, a few have been reported to lag a bit. But nonetheless, most of the clients’ experience with GoDaddy has been seamless.

You can clearly say that GoDaddy is reliable. In addition to that, it is affordable and will meet your needs. Need something more but not an entirely different plan? It has add-on features for that as well.


GoDaddy offers three plans to its clients – Economy, Delux, and Ultimate. All the plans provide unlimited bandwidth to the clients.

Godaddy Plans
Godaddy Plans

The most basic plan, which is good for novices and startups, offers 100GB storage, one website, and free professional email for the first year.

A pretty good plan for someone not really tech savvy. This plan also offers one professional website, while the rest of the plans offer unlimited websites to its users.

While all of the available GoDaddy plans are provided with unmetered bandwidth, there is stark clarity between the offers of each plan, so comparing them becomes very easy.

You don’t need to  keep going back and forth between plans as everything is displayed right next to each other and clearly stated.

GoDaddy offers a free SSL certificate for one year with their Ultimate Plan. This SSL certificate is very important as it encrypts all the data going back and forth between your website and your client.

It maintains the client’s privacy as well as yours. At checkout, it prechecks a box for you, so that you don’t forget to add an SSL certificate, before payment.

GoDaddy also provides you with a one year free Office 365 plan. It pre-checks the auto-renewal button for you so that you don’t have to make multiple payments, it will do the job for you.


There have been multiple compliments that incorporating a website optimization add-on from GoDaddy has really helped streamline the experience as it was expected to. The average load time for a page on GoDaddy is quite fast and seamless.

In terms of choosing a data center for yourself, it is usually preferred to choose one closest to you,and GoDaddy searches and shows you the best possible center.

Though no exact locations were available the customers/clients have majorly shown satisfaction and have been content in terms of GoDaddy’s performance.

GoDaddy’s uptime was at 99.95 percent over twelve months which was great but that also means a downrate of four and a half hours. Well, being honest, with such a great uptime, a downtime of four and a half hours is to be expected and it really is not so bad. 

This can be very frustrating if you’re trying to run a business or promoting an e-commerce site but would not affect your work too much and mostly it would be seamless.

Their average monthly downtime is only around 20 minutes, which is definitely not enough to derail your business during a big sale or launch. GoDaddy has a great average page loading time as low as 518 ms over the past 12 months.

According to the provider, if the runtime falls below 99.99 percent, you get a reimbursement of five percent from your monthly fee. That five percent can be used to purchase additional services from GoDaddy. You might not be able to access your data if the server is down but that is highly unlikely, as the servers are pretty strong.

There have been incidents where customers have been locked out of their account after three-four weeks and have been then asked to verify their identity and that the account belongs to them. This showcases how committed GoDaddy is about their clients privacy and security.


While they host cPanel and all the basic tools have been provided for the client. You can purchase their website builder plan which provides you with a lot of new options.

The entire interface of the website is easy-to-understand and quiet user-friendly. Right from choosing plans to making payment. It can be confusing and frustrating for newcomers and novices to connect an already existing domain to GoDaddy.

There is always good support and guidance by the customer care team in clearing the confusion of connecting a previously created domain to GoDaddy.

The main account area provides information and most of the tabs there are easy to understand by yourself. It also suggests the client’s on possible add-on purchases which might help them in the future.

GoDaddy is in itself very informative to people especially anyone who is not very tech-savvy and unfamiliar with website building and development.

Their website builder does have a few restraints on fonts, colors, layouts but that is not something which should hinder the client’s growth and horizons. Sometimes you have to get creative to make things work.

Price & Payment

GoDaddy’s charges are very affordable by any standard of web hosting services. They as well provide their audience with a 30-day money-back guarantee which can be availed on their long-term plans.

If you choose any plan with a duration below one year, you get 48 hours to change your mind which is more than enough to go through all the necessary tools and add-ons and confirm that your plan works for you.

The service provider also provides their customers with a year of Office 365 free. A box is pre-checked earlier to payment completion, for easing their client’s payment experience.

The customers need to check each and every detail carefully as the free period lasts only for one year and after the completion, the customers will be auto charged.

GoDaddy includes a free domain with its one-year plan which will auto-next year. The provider does showcase a wide variety of add-on features. GoDaddy does not supply any free add-ons, all the services the client is requesting / availing, other than the plan, have to be paid for themselves.

All the payments on GoDaddy have to be made via credit card only. GoDaddy is also very flexible: all pricing plans give you easy third-party app integration with over 150 popular web applications. You will probably not miss out on any major application.

Customer Support

GoDaddy provides its customers with a twenty-four hour customer live chat service. In addition to that, if customers and clients feel their problems will be better solved over a telephonic conversation, they also have the option to call their agents and clear their doubts and queries over call.

Though some have said that the waiting period is a bit long, all the doubts and queries have been solved. The provider even urges customers to call their customer care and ask their agents which plan would suit their needs best.

And in the worst case scenario, even if the call were to disconnect, it would not cut completely, just put you back in the queue so that you won’t have to call again and again. The agents are known to handle situations efficiently and quickly.

GoDaddy is widely appreciated for its quick thinking customer service agents and useful customer services and can also be considered unparalleled and concrete.

They don’t go around in circles like most other customer care agents do and are precise and concrete with their explanations. They even help the customers over call, guiding them over steps so that there is absolute clarity and understanding between the client and the agent.


It is quite affordable and user-friendly. Web building can be confusing for novices and they can end up buying things they will not need in the future.

GoDaddy makes sure that it meets all their needs and supplies the best products possible while providing the client’s with the most affordable prices. Security and the customer service is impeccable.

All in all, there are definitely other options on the market; but it would do you better if you carefully examine and compare GoDaddy’s available plans and then make your choice, I’m sure it will not disappoint.

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