Top 5 Best Free VPNs for Reddit Users in 2023

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Reddit is one of the platforms which is most trusted by people for giving out and receiving opinions. Hence, here is an article stating the 5 best free VPNs for Reddit Users which can be used by people according to the actual opinions of users and people over the platform of reddit. 

Best Free VPNs for Reddit Users

Everyone tends to look for free alternatives of every possible segment of materials that can come to use. VPN networks are also one of the elements which are wanted by people for free. 

Although, according to many redditors, free VPNs are considered a scam and harmful but on the same hand some of them did have an amazing experience while using the free versions of different VPNs. 

This article will present you with all the information regarding the opinions of redditors upon the reddit best free VPN along with the information about their speed, security and reliability. 

Why Should People Avoid Choosing Free VPNs For Reddit?

It is well obvious that every free service irrespective of the segment you choose comes with some amount of limitations. The same works with VPNs as well. People can get the appropriate functions from the free VPNs but every service tends to get benefits through the users by means of unnecessary advertisements. 

Free VPNs come with additional limitations which are implemented on people’s device and makes them face issues such as lesser servers, low bandwidth and extremely slow network speed. 

Unlike premium VPN networks, these free VPNs tend to help in now way for the users and eventually cannot cater to the needs of your gaming, streaming and torrenting. 

One has to understand the fact that good VPN options come for a price as low as $2.49 per month and provide phenomenal services without burdening you with unnecessary issues like the way free VPNs do. 

5 Reddit Best Free VPN for Use According to Redditors 

Given below is the list of reddit free VPN which people can use which can be accessed by people according to the opinion of people present over the platform of Reddit. These VPN options can come to use if one cannot opt for the paid VPNs. 

1. Proton VPN

This is one of the reddit best free VPN which is loved by many redditors as one of the best free VPN options. The major factor which differentiates the free service of Proton VPN from their premium paid services is the availability of servers. 

Their free version only supports three servers located across the US, Netherlands and Japan. Moreover, this VPN is the only one which does not mingles with bandwidth restrictions 

Some of the best parts of using this VPN network is the fact that it opts for strong tunneling and encryption protocols such as OpenVPN and AES-256 and abides by a strong privacy policy that does not store any user data. 

People can consider this VPN as the best unlimited free VPN available in the market according to redditors. 

2. Windscribe VPN

This is another reddit best free VPN which is loved by many users. Windscribe comes as both free and paid service and people can opt for their free service without having to face many issues. 

Their free version offers about ten servers across the globe and supports the P2P protocols. Although there are supposed to be a few limitations with the free versions of VPN networks, Windscribe fails to unblock Netflix and comes with a limited bandwidth of 10 GB per month. 

Another strong policy that Windscribe abides by is the fact that it comes with AES-256 encryption and only stores your username along with server and bandwidth. 

Windscribe comes with a good speed of download and hence is one of the best free VPN networks available. 

3. TunnelBear VPN

This option of VPN network has been loved by people for many years now. One can say that their popularity has come to an end due to issues while unlocking the streaming platform of Netflix. 

TunnelBear provides about 49 servers worldwide but the biggest issue is that it provides just 500 MB of bandwidth per month. Another issue that arises with this reddit best free VPN is that it used to log user information. 

Although currently their user policy has been updated and people can actually use their VPN if they have low bandwidth user needs since it is actually one of the best VPN networks. 

4. Hide.Me

The VPN network of Hide.Me has somewhat mixed reviews on the platform of Reddit. Some of the users had to say that their service provides just a free option, not actually a free service. 

Although, noticing their features, it comes just for a bandwidth of 2 GB per month and has about five servers across the globe, namely in the regions of US East, US West, Canada, Singapore and Netherlands. 

One might not fight it as an ideal option but can use their service as a free alternative option if in need. 

5. Speedify

Speedify comes as one of the fastest free VPN networks available according to the users of Reddit. This VPN network provides amazing speed and provides about 2 GB bandwidth per month. 

It comes with ChaCha 256-bit encryption along with AES-256 encryption and provides features like IP leak protection, good torrenting support and a kill switch.

But it does come with a few backlogs such as storing of IP addresses and timestamps which eventually makes this one a risky option for people to use. 

Although, if in need one can use Speedify as a free VPN network according to the redditors. 

Best Free VPN According to Redditors 

People over Reddit have different opinions regarding the working of VPN networks and with different opinions one can draw the conclusion as Windscribe to be as the best free VPN for users to use. 

The factors which make Windscribe as the best VPN network are the areas of good security, speed and functionality provided for a free VPN option. Their features support torrenting along with security measures which come out as one of the best free VPN features. 

Although, one might face issues with bandwidth since they tend to provide it limitedly for the free service of VPN. 

Free VPNs to Stream on Netflix

Netflix is a streaming application which comprises high security and hence not every VPN application can tend to go through their security barriers and eventually fails to unblock their website. 

Most of the free VPNs fail to unblock Netflix, but we do have one exception which is Wachee. It can actually work to unblock Netflix in the US and works as an extension on Google Chrome for free. 

When launched on Google, people can watch the US content on Netflix without having any issue all through the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some benefits of premium paid VPNs?

There are several reasons why one should opt for paid versions of VPN networks. Major benefits could include features like better privacy, security and speed while some of the other factors are listed below. 

Servers in different countries along with enough bandwidth 
High networking speed
Provides complete privacy and no theft of personal data

Should you use VPN while using Reddit?

We would recommend using a VPN network throughout the time you spend over the internet irrespective of the websites you visit or stream upon. Using VPN during the time you use Reddit can be a good option since VPN provides good safety and security for your devices. 

Can you access Reddit across the world?

Reddit is one of the most famous platforms which is opted for people to share and message anonymously. People can access Reddit in most of the countries but it is banned in regions of places like China. 

Although with the use of VPN networks, people can access even the banned applications in areas like China. 


With all such information, our list of 5 reddit best free VPN options come to an end and people can now analyse all the options with the features and the requirements one has.

With redditors giving their opinion, one can trust their arguments and implement one of the best free VPN networks in their devices. 

Although, with some limitations present in free VPN networks, one should actually opt for the best VPN services from reputed companies like the ExpressVPN which provide unlimited features for a very low price. 

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