Best Torrent Websites For Downloading Games [Updated 2023]

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Do you love playing games? Is it hard for you to find a trustworthy website to download torrent files of games? This article is going to answer all your queries about best torrent websites to download any game.

Best Torrent Websites to Download Games
Best Torrent Websites to Download Games

Which torrent website is best for games? How safe is it? Is the website trustworthy? What comprises a good torrent website? How do I access any torrent website? Allow us to answer such questions in this article.

Playing Games has become one of the popular sources of entertainment now. First introduced on dedicated consoles, games quickly grew in popularity as computers became common.

Since then, they have evolved from a means to pass the time to full-time careers for many people. People used to carry and share games in pen drives when the games were lighter in size.

As the technology evolved, the size increased owing to improved graphics and extensive features. As a result, it became difficult to share games using flash drives and CDs. Now, torrenting is one of the best and most suitable options to download games at present. 

In a hurry to download games? Here are Best Torrent Websites

Below are the best torrenting websites for downloading games.

  1. TorrentGames- One-stop website for all kind of games and easy downloading without any unwanted redirecting.
  2. GazellaGames- If you want to feel included in a gamers community and download quality games, choose GazellaGames.
  3. Download Games Torrent- This lets you sort games for various platforms in a single click, no clickjacking.
  4. FitGirl Repacks- Same game quality in a smaller size. Downloading from here saves space in your hard disk.
  5. TorrentBees- Multiple languages and trailers of games make this site a fan favourite and different from others.
  6. CroTorrents- Ideal website for anyone who uses a computer to play games. Vast database of computer only games.
  7. TorrentSnack Games- Offers a summary of games to help you know what to expect from the game.
  8. The Pirate Bay- Most famous torrent website and has a vast collection of games. Easy to download via magnet links.
  9. RARBG- Fitting website to find high-quality games. It lets you sort games by platform
  10. 1337x- Best torrent website to find the latest games, which are not easy to find. One of the most secure websites for torrents.

How to Unblock Torrent Websites Safely

The only issue with torrent websites is restrictions. Many regions do not permit torrent websites to run. To fight this problem, VPNs are the best solution. VPN masks your IP address and assigns you an IP of a different location where torrent websites are running smoothly.

Keep in mind that P2P servers are the best and safest for torrenting. Here is an easy to understand and organized procedure to unblock and access torrent websites in your region-

  1. Download and Install VPN App. [I prefer ExpressVPN because we also use it].
  2. Run the app and choose a location where the torrent websites are running.
  3. Search and download using a torrent client.

Markers of a safe Torrent Website

Now that we know how to access torrent websites, it becomes crucial to understand which websites are safe and secure. Also, these websites should have certain qualities which make them better than the others. Here are some requirements a website should fulfill:-

  1. No malware and clickjacking.
  2. Content must be virus-free.
  3. Good downloading speed.
  4. Good game collection.
  5. Proper categorization of games.

Best Torrent Websites for Games

So far, we have seen how to access torrent websites. Also, we saw what distinguishes a good website from a bad one.  Now, it is time to look at some of the best torrent websites to download games:-


As the name suggests, TorrentGames is a website that provides only games, nothing else. Leader in quality and quantity, this website is always up-to-date with the latest and hard to find games.

What differentiates it from other websites is its ease of use. You do not have to jump from link to link to download the torrent file. You can easily search for the game and download it risk-free.

Their games collection not only consists of PC games but also for popular consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.


If you are a serious gamer, GazellaGames is just the website for you. Exclusively for members only, this website boasts a collection of 60,000+ games, an ever-growing figure.

To apply for membership, you require an invite from existing members and then wait for getting accepted.

Download Games Torrent

Download Games Torrent is an alternative to TorrentGames, as they both are open for all torrent websites. Just like TorrentGames, it is also strictly for games.

This website boasts its ability to make the latest games available for download before any other similar website. One of the best features of this website is it has divided its exhaustive collection of games based on the platform.

It allows users to download games according to their need. You can download the game directly rather than jumping around links.

FitGirl Repacks

Popular among gamers FitGirl Repacks does not provide cracked versions of games. Instead, it focuses on saving your time.

This website offers repacked, compressed versions of games so that they can be downloaded faster and take lesser space on your computer. With a monthly archive categorization, it becomes easy to find your choice from their vast collection.


 Two highly unique features make this website different from the others. The first one is the availability of multiple languages. You can change the language from English to any other from the list if you face any trouble. The second one is the game trailer.

Along with the summary, title, and general information about the game, they also offer a trailer. It tells you what exactly can you expect from the game if you start playing it. The direct torrent link is right below the trailer.


If PC is your choice of platform for gaming, CroTorrents is the most reliable website. With content curated specifically for PC gamers, it becomes easy for you to find your favorite game without getting lost in the different platforms available.

TorrentSnack Games

One of the better-looking websites, TorrentSnack Games has an extensive list of games. You can find the game of any kind and genre in its vast lists.

Like other many websites, TorrentSnack Games categorizes and lists its games according to the platform, so the users can easily find games specifically for their platform.

This website also provides a summary of the game to help gamers. They can easily download the game without getting redirected to irrelevant pages.

The Pirate Bay

No one can make a list of best torrenting websites and leave The Pirate Bay out of it. This website provides everything like movies, ebooks, TV shows, games, etc.

Even though it is not dedicated only to games, The Pirate Bay has a vast database of games comparable to dedicated websites. 

You can select the Games option on the home page, and all the search results will be only for games. Moreover, trusted/VIP tags help you to know which uploader to trust for downloading.


Even though this website is famous for its collection of movies, the games collection on RARBG is as vast as the movies collection. Selecting the Games category on the homepage will filter your results and show you only games.

Also, you can sort the games by platform by selecting options like Games/Xbox360 or Games/PS4. This neat feature makes downloading easy and hassle-free without any redirecting.


This website went through a complete rework, making it one of the safest torrent websites. If there is a game you can not find anywhere, 1337x might be the place where you can find it.

With a featured list and presenting the latest torrents on the home page, you are sure to find the latest games right on this website.

Best Cross-Platform VPN Apps Available in Market

While torrenting content, your safety is the first and foremost requirement. With so many VPN apps available, it becomes tough to choose the correct one to fit your needs. Here is a list of best-rated VPNs, which are available cross-platform-


Consistently ranked #1 by various experts, ExpressVPN fails to disappoint anyone who uses it. Lightning-fast speed, P2P connection support, highest-grade security and encryption, and full support to the torrent websites make this VPN ideal for torrenting of any kind. Some may find it costly, but it is worth every penny you pay.

Get ExpressVPN for Unblocking Torrenting Websites


NordVPN has become a synonym for VPN in the gaming community. With a vast network of 5,200+ servers from 80+ locations, NordVPN has changed the meaning of online multiplayer gaming.

With hundreds of P2P servers from the US, UK, and other countries, this app is notable for torrenting. Safety features like no logging, DNS leak protection, and kill switch make it popular among people. Subscribing for long-term plans is pocket-friendly, at just $3.71/month for a 2-year plan.

Get NordVPN for Unblocking Torrenting Websites


 The only VPN service with a feature dedicated to torrenting, CyberGhost is staunch competition for all leading VPN clients. It finds the best P2P automatically to optimize speed.

The only app with Torrent Anonymously feature, it ensures that you torrent with peace of mind. Features like tight security and multiple connections come at just $2.25/month for a 3-year plan. It makes CyberGhost one of the cheapest in the long run.

Get CyberGhost for Unblocking Torrenting Websites


If you are looking for hassle-free downloading, TorrentGames and Download Games Torrent are the best. GazellaGames includes you in a community of gamers and offers great games.

If the size of the game is of importance to you, FitGirl Repacks can help you. For PC games, CroTorrents is your best option.

To know what to expect from a game, TorrentSnack Games and TorrentBees provide summary and videos. If you want multiple options to download, 1337x, The Pirate Bay and RARBG give various options.

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