Can You Access Etisalat From Anywhere in 2022?

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Yes, you can access Etisalat outside the UAE. In this article, we will show you a simple guide to accessing Etisalat from anywhere.

Access Etisalat Safely From Anywhere
Access Etisalat Safely From Anywhere

UAE imposes the strictest internet censorship of any nation. Even state-owned internet service providers (ISPs) like Etisalat, which is part of the UAE’s Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA), occasionally ban a variety of well-known apps and websites. This step is often made to block content that violates their moral standards.

It is practically not possible to access free communication applications and other restricted information because of severe internet filtering.

The most exemplary Etisalat VPN service is the only effective technique to solve this problem. A VPN will hide your true location and link you to a virtual IP address in the nation you want to access.

You can get over Etisalat’s limitations in this way and take advantage of using VoIP communications without any problems.

Quick Guide: How to Access Etisalat From Anywhere?

  1. Subscribe to a VPN. Cyberghost is our top pick if you want to access Etisalat outside UAE. Cyberghost has VPN server in UAE.
  2. Download and Install the VPN app for your device.
  3. Log into your VPN app and connect to a server in the United Arab Emirates.
  4. Visit Etisalat and start enjoying services.

Most of the VPN servers don’t have servers in UAE. We recommend Cyberghost VPN because Cyberghost has their VPN servers in UAE. You can check the below screenshot.

Get UAE IP address

About Etisalat UAE

One of the top telecom companies in emerging areas is Etisalat Group. Its good credit ratings are a result of the company’s robust balance sheet and track record of long-term success, which will result in consolidated net sales of AED 51.7 billion and consolidated net profit of AED 9.0 billion for 2020.

With its main office in Abu Dhabi, Etisalat was founded in the United Arab Emirates over 40 years ago as the first telecom company in the nation.

Etisalat Group, a reputable company, offers cutting-edge products and services to 155.4 million users in 16 nations around the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

According to Brand Finance, Etisalat is the region’s and Africa’s strongest brand overall.

About VPNs

Your online actions are safeguarded by a Virtual Private Network (VPN), a form of privacy solution. Your internet traffic will be protected with an additional layer of encryption and routed through a middle server located somewhere else in the world when you connect to a VPN. 

Your internet service provider (ISP) cannot monitor your online behavior thanks to this procedure. It’s also a fantastic choice if you intend to use open or public WiFi networks.

VPNs are also excellent for gaining access to content that is only available in other countries due to geographic restrictions. If you wish to maintain access to the online services you typically have access to at home while traveling to the UAE, download one of the VPNs on this list.

Is using a VPN allowed?

Despite the anti-VPN efforts taken by internet service providers like Etisalat, it is usually regarded as legal to use a VPN, though we are not legal experts and this shouldn’t be taken as legal advice. 

The use of VPNs is actually governed by the law in the UAE. In fact, according to UAE law, a VPN is only prohibited if it is used to commit a crime.

In the United Arab Emirates, internet filtering is handled by the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA). Any content that violates the public interest, the public morality, the public order, the public national security, the morality of Islam, or is otherwise forbidden by any applicable UAE law, regulation, procedure, order, or requirement is illegal in the United Arab Emirates.

Examples of content that is restricted include:

  • VoIP platforms like Skype
  • Both nudity and pornography
  • Phishing, impersonation, and fraud
  • Substances that alter the mind and drugs
  • Gambling and related pursuits (bets, lottery, electronic gambling)
  • Racism, discrimination, and disrespect for religion

Is it advisable to use a free VPN with Etisalat?

No, a free VPN is never advised with Etisalat. 

Utilizing the best free VPN with Etisalat won’t allow you to unblock geo-restricted content because the corporation frequently bans VPNs. Because of the UAE’s tight censorship rules and the potential legal repercussions of accessing illicit information, it is advised to only rely on high-quality VPN services.

Additionally, the following are some other arguments against using free VPNs in the UAE:

  • Etisalat frequently blocks all VPNs, thus using a free VPN will prevent you from accessing VoIP or other streaming services.
  • A free VPN only has a few servers, making it hard to access content that has been geographically restricted in other countries.
  • Making video conversations and streaming web videos will be difficult with free VPNs. With a free VPN, latency and buffering are frequent.
  • Using a free VPN puts your online identity in danger since it lacks the sophisticated security features of commercial VPNs.
  • The UAE imposes stringent restrictions on VPN use, and doing so may result in legal repercussions. The use of free VPNs with Etisalat is not recommended because they frequently store identifying information.

Steps for using a VPN with Etisalat

A VPN connection is necessary in order to access blocked content. It is an excellent method for accessing blocked apps like WhatsApp, Skype, and other apps while streaming videos.

If you are unfamiliar with utilizing a VPN, the following steps can assist you:

Step 1: Visit the website of your choice, and if the VPN is a paid version, enter your payment information to download it.

Step 2: You can set up the VPN by reading the instructions or watching the videos that the providers have uploaded. If it doesn’t start on its own, read the handbook and download it once more.

Step 3: Log in to your VPN using your login credentials because it will automatically connect to the closest server like the US.

Step 4: Enjoy the restricted content after you’ve connected to the server.

Benefits of using a VPN to access Etisalat from anywhere

Using a VPN has a number of advantages.

Your internet connection and private information are protected by encryption since the government, outside parties, Etisalat, and ISPs can all be a real headache.

Without worrying about your data being leaked, you can use apps that are forbidden in limited regions, stream videos, and access gaming servers.

You can connect to any of the servers provided by the majority of VPNs to conceal your true IP address. These servers are located in a number of nations.

Additionally, VPN functions completely encrypt and safeguard your data as it is mixed in with regular traffic, making it impossible for anyone to track your actions.

So using a VPN for Etisalat is always advantageous.

VPN not working?

Unfortunately, VPNs are aggressively blocked in the UAE and Dubai by ISPs like Etisalat. Now, this is a nation where internet usage is heavily restricted. 

The good news is that certain VPNs still function in Dubai. People can get around Etisalat’s restrictions by using Cybperghost, as specifically advised by experts.

Try the below troubleshooting procedures if you’re still having problems, though:

  • Connect to a different VPN server after disconnecting from the current one.
  • Verify that your VPN subscription is still active.
  • Then, try again after changing your VPN connection protocol.
  • For more help, get in touch with the customer care staff of your VPN service provider.
  • Before utilizing a VPN in the UAE, make sure to delete your browser’s cache and history.

Best VPNs for accessing Etisalat outside UAE

Why CyberGhost VPN is the best option for getting a Saudi Arabia IP Address from anywhere

cyberghost vpn logoGet 84% off nowTry Cyberghost VPN
CyberghostVPN’s features in a glance
  • 7700+ VPN servers worldwide
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • DNS and IP leak protection
  • Automatic kill switch
  • OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard® protocols
  • Strict No Logs Policy
  • Unblock Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu etc
  • Connect Up to 7 devices protected simultaneously
  • Apps for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS etc
  • 45-day money-back guarantee

Cyberghost is available on Mac, Windows, Android, Linux and iOS. It has as many as 7,700 present in more than 110 locations. It is featured with zero-logging. You can have up to 7 connections.

It is an excellent option if you want to get a Saudi Arabia IP Address because Cyberghost has VPN server in Saudi Arabia. Even though it has several impressive features, it does not get any complicated to use.

As soon as you first use it, you will know why we recommend it for torrenting. The VPN is feature to configure itself automatically for the purpose of delivering the best possible torrenting experience.

With CyberGhost, you will escape fussing with protocols. You will not have to test and try to find the best P2P technology. CyberGhost is aware of exactly what you like and wish to do, therefore, it will work in accordance.

The “Torrent Anonymously” option would make you feel more ensured of your safety and privacy. One of the most appreciated features of CyberGhost is it’s App Protection. It also has an incredible connection speed.


Now that you have gone through the highly informative article provided above, you would be able to tell how strict the content restriction is in UAE. The authorities almost always have an eye on your online activities.

However, if you are an outsider visiting the country or a resident who has no option but to access some questionable content, you must do so with protection.

The best of doing so is to make use of a VPN. You will find a number of free VPNs online but it is not advisable to use a free VPN since it does not ensure security. It is very likely that a free VPN will land you in legal trouble. We would not want that happening.

Therefore, it is important that you make use of a reliable and strong VPN for the purpose of accessing Etisalat outside UAE. Experts suggest using Cyberghost.

Get Cyberghost now if you are traveling to the UAE or if you must require cyber anonymity and security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Connect to Etisalat with a Free VPN?

Unfortunately, you cannot use a free VPN service to access geo-restricted content because these capabilities are only available in premium versions in prohibited countries.

When using a free VPN with Etisalat, the VPN is blocked and you are unable to access the streaming services or other services. It also has a small selection of servers, which makes it impossible to access the most blocked apps.

You might start a free VPN in some circumstances, but the speed will be the primary problem, and you’ll get frustrated by the buffering and lags.

Is Etisalat the only ISP in the United Arab Emirates?

No, Etisalat and Du are the two primary internet service providers in the UAE. The largest of the two is Etisalat. Regardless of the ISP, you choose to use, the same internet limits are in place. 

Fortunately, using a VPN to connect to a server in another nation will allow you to get beyond the UAE’s tight internet censorship.

Why Use a VPN for Etisalat?

You cannot view the material in some countries because Etisalat has blocked it. WhatsApp and Skype, which are the two most popular and secure programs for connecting with loved ones, are typically restricted.

As the ISP can monitor online activities, including calls, device details, location, spending patterns, browsing history, and other sensitive information, using a VPN in this situation is crucial.

Users must therefore get a VPN with top-notch security features.

Is Using a VPN for Etisalat Safe?

Anyone wishing to unblock geo-restricted content should consider a VPN as a perfect and secure option.

Through a VPN, Etisalat customers may watch videos and utilize the obstructed apps with ease. With the aid of multiple platforms and a reliable VPN, consumers can stream videos privately.

Since the government typically has access to the trackers, they shouldn’t take a chance on discovering the users’ activity.

As a result, it aids in granting independence, and a user can select it from the list of offered VPNs.

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